Making decisions, even on a small scale, is sometimes hard. Most people will look to friends, family or even the Internet for moral advice and feedback on what they should do.

Seesaw is a new app allowing you to crowdsource different answers and feedback from the community. This can be anything from what shoes to buy too if you should go to university or get a job.

The app is currently run by a small startup team, named Seesaw Decisions Corporation, who work in San Francisco. This is their first app and points to a good future for the startup.

What is Seesaw?


Seesaw is a feedback and choice crowdsource social application, available on iOS Store for free. The whole point is to ask for community feedback on anything where a decision is involved.

Currently, trends have emerged with high rated and uploaded topics on #Fashion. However, there is more to the app apart from fashion including music, video games, and actual moral questions.

To add a question, you start by uploading a set of images (1 – 4) to the app, then put a question: Which one?  The community will then choose out of your selection the one they most like.

Seesaw has the hashtag-enabled for users to connect through a trend, instead of browsing the latest. There is also a follow button allowing users to keep up to date with favorite users.

Pros and cons of Seesaw


The real question is can this change app your decision, can community feedback really make you change your outfit for the weekend, or change your view on a certain topic.

Like all communities, Seesaw has its flaws. One is being pretty ineffective in choice and change of a user’s ideas, mostly because the main chunk of users on Seesaw are posting gossip/informal questions.

This is probably what Seesaw wanted from the start, having a formal app with a clean but fun design is always going to cause problems, and the informal side attracts more users to the app.

We do see some promise for Seesaw and as it gets better used and comments start becoming relevant, we may see people actually change decisions regarding the community feedback.

Seesaw’s future

Decisions should not be kept personal and we can see a big market for businesses on this application, as it gets more popular.

Imagine if a clothing line could make sure their next big trend was liked by the community before they even roll it out to consumers.

This would be an excellent social tool and will aggregate better qualitative feedback analysis than the traditional linear like/favorite model. The choice and happiness design makes the question less about the quantity of votes and more about the percentage.

For now, it may just be a fun tool to find out what outfits are the best and posting up Tumblr photos to see if people agree with the quotes, but this may change over time.

We believe Seesaw has a bright future, in the wormhole of different social applications, it may be swallowed up, but it has some unique features that could keep users on the community feedback network.

Try Seesaw.