Apple hit a wall two months ago when the company’s stock price started plummeting from $600 to around $350, while CEO Tim Cook has addressed this issue, many stock buyers still seem concerned on Apple’s future prospects.

The new iWatch may fix doubts about Apple’s future, if they can get it right. With Pebble creating the first stepping stone in the smartwatch market with their $10 million Kickstarter, it looks like all the big companies are ready to give it a try.

What will the Apple iWatch bring to consumers?


The Apple iWatch is still a hidden project, like all at Apple. We are running on the idea that if multiple sources verify the same story it should be somewhat true.

Apple could be bringing something special to the iWatch, it will reportedly have a 1.5-inch OLED display with unibody strap. The whole thing will be flexible glass to make sure the user doesn’t break the watch and it can adjust to different wrist sizes.

We expect the screen to be multitouch and come with some new gestures specifically for the iWatch. Recently, Amazon released a patent for wireless moving processor data and battery from one device to another.

Apple may try to invent something similar to keep all the components working on the iWatch.  This will allow the smartwatch to remain very thin.

Rumours suggest the iWatch will come with a smaller version of iOS, fit with all features including Siri, slide to unlock,  iTunes, Music, Apps Store, Mail, Calendar and all the other important iOS-based apps.

If a user already has an iPhone, iPad or Mac desktop/laptop, they will be able to sync all data from that device to the iWatch, allowing them to receive updates from the phone to the smartwatch.

One in five people in a survey conducted around the US said they would want an iWatch if it came out and we suspect even more will want one after the Apple keynote release.

Other possible projects


Even though the iWatch may be one of the most rumoured devices coming from Cupertino, It will not be happening any time this year. This was confirmed by Tim Cook on the quarterly earning call.

The iTV is another rumoured Apple product, although this has been on the list for close to five years. Apple has continually added next generation versions of the Apple TV top box, but has yet to release an actual TV.

According to KGI Securities analysts, the problems may root from Apple wanting to develop a 4K TV with internet and gaming capabilities for under $5,000.

Augmented reality could be somewhere Apple want to go with Google Glass getting popular worldwide and selling for $1,500 for the developer version, it may be worth it.

Apple is normally not one to follow the crowd, with the iPhone and iPad, the brought something different to a market that didn’t even know they wanted the device.

Another suggestion in the wild is the hybrid MacBook and iPad, infused to become the MacPad, iBook or PadBook, each one seems a little tedious.

We recently noticed a patent from Apple showing how two iPad’s could content and one would become the keyboard for the device, showing the company is interested in hybrid technology and how this could be done with an Apple tablet.

Like all Apple patents, we have to believe this is only in the thinking stage and could never be a product for development in the near future.

Apple’s crumbling hope

Even though many will tell you Apple is finished without Steve Jobs, the idea the company will just go away in the next few decades is very unlikely.

It is even more likely Apple will continue to prevail with new products and breakthroughs. The problem with the Apple audience is many believed “Jobs made the iPhone”, when realistically it was a combined effort between incredible engineers and talented designers and other excellent contributions from employees.

Jobs may have brought it to the stage and gave it his own personal love, but at the end of the day, the company prevails through its ideas about innovation, technology and creativity.

As long as Tim Cook and the other lead team can keep this sense of looking for the best markets to work in and making sure their products are always top of the range, they will have a good few years.

If it all goes wrong, Apple could always use that $150 billion in the bank to buy some incredibly successful company, like Facebook or Twitter or Yahoo or Adobe, the list could go on for a long time.