The developers behind Google Chrome must have been some really cool people because what they set out to do – create an Internet browser with never-before-seen features – has been more than realized.

Google Chrome is literally bursting at the seams with tricks that will make you clap your hands in delight. From features to help you work better in your professional life to tricks that’ll make everyday browsing even better, there are dozens of features hidden within Chrome.

10. Display bookmarks on start up with our first Chrome trick

If you work on a computer most of the day and even moreso a browser, having your bookmarks displayed right away on start up can help you stay on task. To do this, open Chrome and hit “CTRL + Shift + B.” After you hold these keys, your bookmark bar will be displayed horizontally along the top of your browser.


9. Display the Home button

A lot of people still like having a home icon in their browser for easy access to their homepage, and even though this isn’t default in Chrome, it’s an option you can turn on in “Settings.” Go to the top-right corner of your browser, click on the menu icon, then click “Settings.” Once the “Settings” window loads, go down to the “Appearance” section and checkmark the “Show Home button” option.


8. Pin websites as “Tabs” for quicker access

Another cool feature in Chrome is the “Pin tab” feature. This creates a mini permanent tab if you will, which people like to create for sites they visit often. To do this, open a site you’d like to pin, then right-click the tab for the website and select “Pin tab.”


After you do this, whenever you open your browser you’ll now see the mini-tab to access the site in the top left corner of your browser.


7. Display only icons in bookmark bar

If you have a ton of bookmarks in the bookmark bar at the top of your browser, chances are it’s a bit crowded. To free up more space in this area, you can display just the icons representing the websites and get rid of the text. To do this, right-click a bookmark in your bookmark bar and select “Edit.” The “Edit Bookmark” dialog box will open and in this box, delete the name entirely and click “Save.”


Now when you look at your bookmark bar, you will only see the icon for the site displayed.


6. View features not-yet-released to the public

For computer geeks who love trying out the latest apps before anyone else, Google lets users access experimental features that haven’t been released to the public yet, and you can view these by typing “chrome://flags” in the URL field in Chrome.


You can enable and deactivate these as you choose (use with caution).

5. View how much memory Chrome is using

For anyone experiencing a slow browser, you can view exactly how much memory Chrome is using (by both tab, extension and overall) by typing “chrome://memory” in the URL field. A window will open displaying all of the active processes in Chrome.


4. View all of the Chrome URLs

There are dozens of other “chrome://…” shortcuts you can access in Chrome. We can’t list them all here, but if you type “chrome://about” in the URL field, a page will load outlining all of the handy functions available to users.


3. Make any comment box instantly bigger

For anyone who gets wordy in comments they leave on sites, you’ll love this feature. Chrome lets you click-and-drag any comment box on a website to make it bigger. To do this, simply click the bottom right-hand corner of a comment box and drag your mouse to enlarge the comment box.


2. Multi-task in double-pane view

This may be a bookmarklet, but it’s a must-have bookmarklet for any of you multi-taskers out there. It’s called “Google Chrome Dual View” and it lets you view two pages side-by-side in one tab. To use this feature at will, click and drag the bookmarklet “Chrome Dual View” (on this page) into your bookmark bar.


Now whenever you want to view two sites side-by-side, click the bookmark “Chrome Dual Field” in your bookmark menu and a dialog box will appear, asking you which sites you want to view side-by-side.


And here’s an example of how the end result looks”


1. Make Chrome speedier

And lastly, one of the most important hidden features is the option to stop Chrome from starting a separate process for each open tab (this is a unique feature of Chrome). If you’re not a heavy tab user, this option isn’t necessary.

To disable it, first create a shortcut to Chrome on your desktop, right-click the shortcut and select “Properties.” The “Google Chrome Properties” dialog box will appear, and in the “Target” field add “–single-process” to the end of the data in the field.


You should now notice a significant improvement in how fast your pages load.

With features like these, it’s no wonder Chrome has become one of the most popular browsers among PC users; no other browser even comes close. And for an overview of the best 100 extensions for Chrome to make it even more useful, click here.