Cluttered workspace is a common issue I’m sure many of us face. An organization is one thing but hoarding unnecessary items may be the root cause of the clutter. Tools like Sub4Del help reduce this clutter by removing empty folders. Removal is as simple as right-clicking a directory and choosing to remove empty subfolders.

Remove empty folders with Sub4Del

Upon launch, Sub4Del has very few options. With only three checkboxes, the configuration doesn’t take long at all. Note that saving these options doesn’t require the “OK” to be pressed. Choose to OK out of this prompt when finished just to exit it.


The first option is to “Add to folder context menu,” which will add the “Remove Empty Subfolders” option to the right-click context menu. No reboot or log off is needed. Check this box and a command prompt will flash for just a moment before adding this entry to the menu.


The second option is a confirmation dialog to ensure you really want to remove empty subfolders. Check “Ask before delete” to enable this prompt. When removing the empty subfolders the following dialog box will prompt. It’s recommended to enable this option in case Sub4Del is accidentally running. Why would it matter if you removed empty folders even by accident, you ask? Some companies, and surely home users, have folder structures set up for particular groups of people to submit files. Some folders won’t have files in them for days or weeks but they are there for their convenience. Take caution and enable this prompt in the settings.


The third and final option called “Show message after delete” will simply confirm the removal. This helps to know when the task has been completed. If using a directory with hundreds of folders, where the job will take some time to complete, the confirmation will come in handy. If this isn’t enabled and the task runs for several minutes, forcing it to close via task manager may be a thought but then how do you know if all the empty folders were actually removed? Enable this option just to be sure.



As illustrated, Sub4Del is an extremely small and simple piece of software. Although its appearance is dim, the functionality of this is quite remarkable. Imagine the time it would take to manually sift through hundreds of folders to remove those without files. Use Sub4Del to retain your valuable time.

Download Sub4Del.