There’s a lot of ways we can secure our PCs. We use programs, web apps and our own common sense to keep safe from threats. However, there always seems to be one area we forget to protect and secure. USB removable devices are often that area for most computer users. We switch in and out devices at will now, and we don’t always know what’s on them when we do so. Ratool is a powerful, little tool that helps secure your removable USB devices.

How to use Ratool to control removable devices

After downloading Ratool from its web site, you want to unzip the archive and then transfer the EXE file to a safe place on your computer.

Then, start up Ratool.


As you can already see, Ratool is one of the simplest programs you’ll ever use on a PC.

To start, click “Help.”


From more information on Ratool, you can get it here at any time.

Next, click “Tools.”


Plug in any removable device you have on hand and click “Show Hidden Files On The Device.”


Another pop-up will show itself and let you select the removable device you plugged in.

Click “Show Hidden Files On The Selected Drive” and your removable device will open if not already open in a window.


You’ll also see any hidden files on the removable device. You can then move, delete or modify those hidden files as you see fit as long as Ratool is set to read/write.

Then, open Tools again, if you click “Device Autorun Disable,” this will stop the device from opening a window on its own when you plugged into the computer.

Once more, open Tools, and click “Safely Remove Hardware.”


This will launch the Windows Safely Remove Hardware so you can remove the device if necessary this way as opposed to just pulling it out of your computer.

Now, click “Options.”


Ratool allows you to set a password for the program so if anybody else is on your computer and opens it, they can’t make unauthorized changes to what you’ve set up.


You can lock your settings in Ratool, too.

You can also refresh Ratool so new devices show up that you may have changed. This can be beneficial for the Show Hidden Files On The Selected Drive feature.

Back on the main screen, you can set your USB devices to three settings: Allow Read & Write, Allow Read Only and Disable USB Disks Detection. Allow Read & Write lets you interact with your removable devices any way you want; Allow Read Only lets you view what’s on your USB device, but not modify or delete it; and Disable USB Disks Detection will ignore any removable device plugged into the computer as if it’s not there.

All you have to do is click on an option, click “Apply Changes” and there you go, your USB connections are secured the way you want them. This can prevent copying, deleting and other modifications to devices connected to your computer through USB.

Do you need to have system administrator powers over removable devices on your PC?

When it comes to PC security, you can never be too cautious or safe. When it comes to securing your computer, having control over every aspect of it can be beneficial. Removable devices can pose their own threats and using Ratool is one way to stop them from being trouble when you least expect it.

Download Ratool.