infogram-logo is the new must-have tool that can create a stunning infographic in a matter few minutes. All you need are some stats and will do the rest.

From offering dozens of professional layouts to being able to add media to your infographic in a simple click, creating a infographic can now be done by anyone, and you can easily share your creation with friends online.

Register an account and create infographics

To use, there is no software to download. All you need to do to start using is to visit it’s site here and click the orange button that says “Start now, it’s free!


After you click the button, a registration dialog box will appear. You’ll need to register an account in order to use this app. Enter a username and password, then click “Register.”


After you create an account, the main page for will load in the same tab. On this page, you’ll see three buttons: “Create,” “Library” and “Pro.”


Create an infographic

To start creating an infographic, make sure you’re logged in to then click the “Create” button.


After you click “Create,” you’ll be brought to a page displaying nine different layouts. When you see a layout you like, click the blue “Use design” button underneath it.


Once you click on a layout, a design tab will open where you can edit all aspects of the infographic.


And to help you learn each tool’s function, all of the editing tools have white arrows and text by them so you know what each does.


To edit the text on your infographic, double-click any text box on the infographic you want to change.


As for entering the stats into your infographic, if you’re familiar with Excel then it should come naturally. Double-click the chart and an Excel-like dialog box will load on the left side of the screen.

adding-data offers a huge amount of chart styles too. Click on the “Add a chart” button on the right side of the screen and a dialog box will load where you can peruse the dozens of available chart styles.


After you’re done entering your data and selecting a chart, you can add media, such as a picture, video or a map to your infographic. The buttons to insert media are located on the right side of the page.


The second button down is for adding a map.


The second to the last button is for adding pictures ,and the last button is for adding video. To add a picture, double-click the “Add a picture button” and a Windows dialog box will open. Choose a photo, click “Ok” and the photo will be inserted.


To add a video, click the “Add a video” button and a box will load asking for the URL. Enter the URL then click “Add.”


Share your infographic

When you’re done creating your infographic, you can preview it by clicking the eye icon at the top of the page, and then you can share it on social media outlets by clicking the blue “Share” button to the right.


After you click “Share,” a dialog box will load where you can choose from popular social media networks (as well as code, if you want to embed it in your blog).


Whether you’re a student creating an infographic for a project or you’re trying to entertain or persuade family and friends on a particular point, is a great tool. It’s intuitive, it creates professional-looking infographics you would never be able to create otherwise and the social media sharing aspect is a nice touch. To begin using, visit their official site, and for more tools for creating infographics, check out this post on 7 free tools.