imageDid you know that Facebook Applications can retain your profile data indefinitely, since Facebook changed their policy earlier this year? Previously Facebook applications weren’t allowed to store end user data for more than 24 hours.

But this meant that the application needed to fetch fresh data from user profiles each time it was launched, thus making the application work slower.

This is good news for application developers since storing user data makes the applications work faster, but for the end users this means that their data can stay with the application developers as long as they want.

Security engineer Joey Tyson pointed out on his blog, a site where he has detailed many hacks and security holes for Facebook, Google and more, this change makes Facebook apps “far more valuable targets for attackers.”

If you don’t use a certain application anymore or are concerned about your privacy, it makes good sense to revoke its access to your profile information permanently.  Lets see how this can be done.

Permanently Remove An Application From Facebook Profile:

With each new update to Facebook, their options panel undergoes changes and the options are moved from one place to other.

Before previous design and features update, there was an Applications option in the bottom bar and also in the account menu at top right, but that menu has been removed and the application option has been moved under the Privacy Options. That’s where we start the app deletion process – Follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you are logged into Facebook now, you can bypass steps below – Just click here, and you will be taken to the application settings page, then check step 4 below.

1) To access the Applications settings option, Click on “Account” at the top-right of the screen.

Privacy Options Link - Facebook

2) Click on “Edit Your Settings” under “Applications and Websites” at bottom left corner.

Application Settings on Facebook

3) Click on “Edit Settings” next to the option “Applications you use”

Edit Application Settings on Facebook

You can also click on “Remove unwanted or spammy applications” option at bottom.

4) Now you will list of all applications that have access to you profile information. Before removing any application – you can see what information can it access on your account. If you not comfortable with amount of information it accesses, you can delete it from here.

Click on “Remove Application” Link next to the application you want to delete, and then confirm by clicking the Remove button on the pop-up box.

Delete any Application from Facebook

5) Click on “Okay” to confirm application removal.

Confirm Facebook Application Removal

That’s about it, the application would be removed from your profile and won’t have access to your profile information anymore. Repeat this process for other applications that you don’t use regularly.


This is a good step towards keeping your data private, although your data will always be present with Facebook, but you can certainly limit access to your profile for individual developers and applications, thus reducing privacy risk.

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