Websites, instant messaging services, social media and the Internet in general is being filled to the brim with quote and caption based images. Whether they be for comical or inspirational, you are never too far away from a quote related image. Naturally, such images are constantly recycled, and thus often become stale.

Fortunately, QuotesCover offers a refreshing solution. The handy web application allows you to dabble in typography in order to beautify your own quotes, as well as famous quotes from history.

QuotesCover gives you extensive access to typography tools including colour combination, word composition, shapes, and so forth.

How to use QuotesCover

To begin using QuotesCover, head over to their website, where you can view their informative homepage.

Hit “Start Designing Now” to get started.


QuotesCover will then give you the option to browse quotes from history, different cultures, popular greetings and so forth. Additionally, the option to create your own custom worded quote or caption. Once you have selected or typed your quote, hit “Submit.”


Then, you will be able to select the type of image you would like to create. QuotesCover presents you with the option to choose Facebook covers, Google+ Covers, Prints, Desktop Wallpapers, and so on.


Once you have selected the type of image you want to create, QuotesCover will then load your pre-set quote with a randomly chosen style and colour combination.


Now that your image and quote have been loaded, you can get started on the editing process. QuotesCover offers some useful design and customization tools along the left and right side bar, which are extremely easy and fun to use, thanks to their self-explanatory nature.

Once you have tweaked and refined your quote design, you can hit “Download” to immediately save your image as a .jpeg file.


Of course, your downloaded image is now completely ready for social sharing, website uploads, printing, and so on.

The good and the bad

QuotesCover is an extremely easy and efficient tool for designing eye-catching quote based images. To evaluate QuotesCover fully, we have listed the web application’s pros and cons below.


  • QuotesCover is a quick, entertaining and easy way of creating quote and caption based images
  • The built-in quote database is handy, and inspirational
  • Users can choose to make specific images, such as Facebook Covers or Desktop Wallpapers
  • The download process is incredibly easy, without any delays or advertisements


  • QuotesCover can easily improve by offering more image editing tools, such as image filtering, collage options, and so forth
  • Although Facebook and Google+ are covered, QuotesCover doesn’t offer images specifically for Twitter header images, Instagram or Pinterest

To conclude, QuotesCover is a comprehensive, yet simple online tool which – although doesn’t stretch as far as it should in terms of social media friendliness – is certainly worthy of being used to create beautiful quote and caption based images. The speed and simplicity of QuotesCover make it a joy to use again and again.

Try QuotesCover.