There’s always new ways to hunt down and eliminate malware on a computer, and 9-lab Removal Tool is one more addition to your arsenal. This free malware removal tool is focused on providing high-quality scanning and removal without charging you a dime. 9-lab Removal Tool

How to use 9-lab Removal Tool

Download and install 9-lab Removal Tool from its website.

Once installed, start it up.


Click on “Update.”


9-lab frequently releases updates to its database to keep you protected from the worst threats on the web. Every time you use 9-lab Removal Tool, you should check for updates first.

Next, click “Quarantine.


Whenever you quarantine an item found in a scan, it’ll be located here. You can remove quarantine items as you see fit or you can restore them if you’ve done your research and realize they’re not an actual threat to your PC safety.

Then, click “Logs.”


Logs will give you a detailed report of scans and issues 9-lab Removal Tool finds on your system. This can be useful to identify what may be causing the infections as well as how to prevent them. You can open or delete logs as necessary and whenever you finish a scan with 9-lab removal tool, you’ll be able to find them here.

Click “Ignore List.”


You can add items to your ignore list that 9-lab Removal Tool should ignore. This can be risky, but if you’re confident an item is not a threat, you can do this to avoid false-positives.

Next, click “Settings.”


This where you can tinker with 9-lab Removal Tool’s settings. You can work with the program and update settings, nothing too major to see here.

Then, click “Help.”


You can get some information on 9-lab Removal Tool here.

Finally, click “Scanner,” then click “Quick Scan” to start your first scan with 9-lab Removal Tool.


Depending on your system, files and folders, and what type of scan you choose, this can take anywhere from a minute or two to longer. You can pause or abort the scan if necessary from here.

When finished, you’ll be given a breakdown of what 9-lab Removal Tool did and found.


Click “Show Results” for more details.


This will give you a breakdown of what was found, where it was found and the type of item it is.

Click “Clean” to purge the items from your PC.


9-lab Removal Tool will show you the progress of deleting those threats.

You can save a log of the scan and results by clicking “Save Log.”


Choose where you want to save the log, then click “Save.” You’ll now be able to access that log anytime by heading back to “Logs” to do so.

How effective is 9-lab Removal Tool?

Compared to my favorite malware tool, Malwarebytes, I found that each seemed to have a niche of things it determined to be a threat to my PC. Things Malwarebytes found, 9-lab didn’t and vice versa. However, 9-lab was much quicker than Malwarebytes, so personally, I’ll be using both into the future as I find that utilizing them both has been far more effective than just one tool over another.

Download 9-lab Removal Tool.