So many apps, so little time – millions of computer-users can relate to this sentiment. The time it can take to access applications can hurt your workflow. But now there are two new extensions that can change all of that.

Whether you prefer Firefox or Chrome, there’s an app available for quickly accessing online and offline apps as well as functions on your computer. Our guide will explain how to use Easy Access for Firefox and the Chrome App Launcher.

Firefox-users: Easy Access functions and apps

To access functions and apps while still in the Firefox browser, Easy Access is the add-on you’ll want to install. To get it, visit the download page for Easy Access on Mozilla’s site, then click the green “+Add to Firefox” button.


After you click the button, Easy Access will be added in seconds. A dialog box will be displayed verifying you want to add it.


Click the “Install now” button then restart your computer to finish the installation.

How to use Easy Access

After you restart your browser, you should see the icon representing Easy Access in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.


Click the icon and a menu will pop-up showing the default functions: Notepad, Paint, Calculator, My Computer and Switch Profile.


You can change the defaults and add other functions and apps, as well as add buttons for your add-ons, by selecting the last option in the pop-up menu, “Manage Your Own Easy Access.”


A dialog box will appear and you will see the default functions with a checkbox next to each one. They will appear in the “add to addonbar” area, and the “add to addonbar” area represents functions that will have a separate button in your browser.

You can check/uncheck each function, then click “Ok” to save.


You can also edit which apps and functions appear when you click the Easy Access icon. You can do this by clicking on the “customize your quicklaunch” button in the “Manage Your Own EasyAccess” dialog box. After you click, you’ll be brought to an area where you can begin adding different apps.


To add a new function or app, click on the “Add EasyAccess” button and another dialog box, “EasyAccess Editor,” will appear. To add an app or function, click on the “browse” button next to the “File Path for your EasyAccess” field.


After you find the location or shortcut to the function, the name will be entered automatically, you can leave the argument field blank (unless you want to do more than run the app) and then check whether you want to add it to the addonbar as well. After you’re done, click “Ok.”

Now when you navigate to the Easy Access icon, your new function will appear in the Easy Access menu, and the new addon buttons will also be displayed to the left of the Easy Access icon.


Chrome-users: Chrome App Launcher

For Chrome-users looking for a similar extension, the Chrome App Launcher is the extension you’ll want to enable. To get this up and running in your browser, first open Chrome then type “chrome://flags” into the URL field.


After you enter this, the experimental apps page for Chrome will load. Scroll down the page until you see “Show Chrome Apps Launcher” and click “Enable.”


After you click, restart Chrome and a shortcut to the Chrome App Launcher will now appear in your Windows TaskBar at the very end.


How to use Chrome App Launcher

To use the Chrome App Launcher, click on the icon in your TaskBar and a dialog box will load where in 1-click you can access apps and functions in Chrome.


To add other apps and functions to this extension, you can do so by using the search field at the top of the dialog box.


And by clicking on the menu icon in the top-right corner of the dialog box, you can access the “Settings” area.


In the “Settings” area, you can edit private and network settings, as well as languages.


The ability to access frequently-used functions in just one click (instead of three) is indispensable.


The time both of these extensions can save is huge, especially if you work on a computer several hours at a time.


The time both of these extensions can save is huge, especially if you work on a computer several hours at a time. When you can bring up a function in one click instead of three, the time you can save, not to mention preventing carpel tunnel from clicking more than you need to, makes considering either of these extensions a great idea (even if they’re both fresh out of beta mode). And for more shortcut ideas in Firefox, check out this blog post.

Download Easy Access.