Keeping up with the latest news stories is never too difficult in the modern world. Applications such as Feedly and other news aggregators make it easy to stay up to date with the latest events. However, such applications require you to sign up, log in and visit their page to view your content.

News Hub on the other hand, requires no such effort. The Google Chrome extension allows you to easily subscribe to famous news vendors, and access their latest stories, with just a click of a button anywhere on the web. You also do not need to sign up for the privilege.

The simplicity and speed of News Hub is perfect for keeping a close eye on the latest news.

How to use News Hub

To download News Hub for Google Chrome, head over to their Chrome Extension download page. Once you have successfully installed the extension on your Chrome browser, the News Hub icon will appear on the right hand side of your address bar.


You may then click on the News Hub icon to reveal the window containing your subscriptions and options. First of all, you will need to subscribe to your favorite news sources. News Hub will display popular sources, and will also allow you to search using keywords or via categories. To subscribe, you simply have to click on the square representing the news source.


Once you have subscribed to all of the news sources you desire, click “All Feeds”. You will now be presented with all the latest news stories from he various sources you have subscribed to. Additionally, News Hub will display a list of your subscriptions on the left hand side bar, allowing you to click on them and view their individual content.


Whenever you click on a news story, an introductory paragraph will be displayed. To continue reading, you may select “Read More” which will open up the relevant page in a new Google Chrome tab. You may also use the arrows above the news story to scroll through current news.


The good and the bad

News Hub makes it incredibly easy to keep tabs on the latest news and events – with just a click of one button. Below are the extensions pros and cons.


  • News Hub connects you to your news faster than any other application, thanks to the fact that you can click the icon whilst browsing any page of the internet
  • Huge array of news sources to subscribe to
  • No need to register or sign up
  • You can set the rate that the extension refreshes at within the settings menu


  • News Hub often struggles to display the image linked with a news source, substituting a bland RSS feed image in its place
  • In order to read full articles, you have to open up a new web page

Overall, News Hub is a great way of staying up to date with your favorite news sources. Its simple set up and layout allow you to quickly check headlines, without leaving the page you are already browsing. This extension is certainly worth keeping installed.

Download News Hub.