Time is rarely on our side, but humans have come up with some clever multitasking ways to get it back. And if keeping up with blogs is one of the time-spenders you get sucked into, Podcastomatic is here to save the day.

This brilliant web app can turn as many blog posts as you want into audio files, giving you the freedom to listen to your favorite blogs in the car, while working out, in the kitchen cooking, truly anywhere.


Since Podcastomatic is a web app, you can use it by going to its website (no downloading or installing of software is necessary.) Upon arriving, you’ll see the website is simple and clean-looking, making navigating the site a breeze, and there will be an over-sized URL field in the middle of the main page.


This field is where you’ll enter the URL for the blog, and before you enter the URL, make sure the blog has a RSS or Atom feed as well. Only blogs with these specific feeds are compatible with Podcastomatic.


Using Podcastamatic

To begin converting a blog into an audio file, enter the URL for the feed into the field on Podcastomatic’s site. And if you’re only interested in converting one blog post and not an entire blog, enter the specific URL for the post instead.


After you enter the URL, click the green “Go!” button and the URL field will turn into an orange bar, showing the app as it works on converting the blog entries into podcast episodes. And prepare for a wait. It takes around 30 minutes for a conversion to be completed (or shorter if you enter a popular blog URL, as it may have been converted already).


Once it’s done, a page will open showing all of the podcasts that have been converted into audio files.


Here you can click “Play” and listen to the audio file directly in Podcastomatic. A media player will appear at the top of the page.


Otherwise, you can click “Download” (located to the far right of each audio file) and listen to it in a media player, such as Quicktime in your browser, or on iTunes (recommended since Podcastomatic’s audio controls don’t let you can’t fast-forward or rewind.)


And there are certain blogs that Podcastomatic works the best with. Blogs with more photos than text can confuse the app and make sure to not convert blog posts with too many breaks. Podcastomatic can only read the text before the break.

This web app is definitely a success. The conversions are highly accurate even if the voice reading them is one of the most unhuman-like voices ever (this may even turn away some from the app.) But Podcastmatic delivers on what it says, not mention being a great way to give your eyes a break if you’re in front of a screen all day. To try Podcastomatic for yourself, and for more text-to-speech conversion ideas for using the web, check out this post.

Try Podcastomic.