Many of us use our YouTube subscriptions to stay up to date on news, watch comical videos and even re-live moments from history. It’s safe to say that subscribing to the right YouTube Channels can provide hours of entertainment. However, some of us are guilty of perhaps subscribing to too many channels, making it harder to keep tabs on our favorite subscriptions.  Even if you’ve tweaked YouTube with something like Magic Actions, you can still get more with YouTube Video Deck.

Luckily, YouTube Video Deck offers a solution. The Google Chrome extension creates a separate page accessible from your browser, displaying the updates of your favorite YouTube Subscriptions. The full screen layout makes it easier to find new videos, and you may edit the number of subscriptions displayed at any time.

Thanks to YouTube Video Deck, your crammed YouTube subscription feed will no longer be an impediment. You also don’t need to worry about unsubscribing from certain channels to declutter your feed, since YouTube Video Deck displays the videos of each channel separately.

How to use YouTube Video Deck

To download YouTube Video Deck, head over to their Google Chrome extension page, and add the extension to your browser. Once you have successfully done this, the extension’s icon will appear on your New Tab”page.


After clicking the YouTube Video Deck icon, you will be presented with the option to log in using your Google account. To do this, simply hit “Login” located at the top right-hand corner of your screen.


A window will then pop up, asking you to select which Google Account you’d like to use. Remember, in order to gain access to your subscriptions. the Google account you select should be the one you with YouTube most frequently.


Google will then ask for your authorization to allow YouTube Video Deck access to your information. Click “Allow Access” to continue.


Now that you have given the extension access to your YouTube information, you are ready to use Youtube Video Deck. Click “Add Subscription” to continue.


You will be presented with a window which will list your YouTube subscriptions. To add a particular subscription, simply click them individually, or click “All Subscriptions” to add them all at once. You may then manually delete subscriptions after they have been added.


Once you have added your favorite channels and subscriptions, you can begin to enjoy your new YouTube Video Deck, which displays each individual feed, allowing you to scroll and select the video you would like to watch, without the usual clutter found on your standard YouTube home feed.


The good and the bad

YouTube Video Deck is a great way of keeping tabs on your favorite YouTube subscriptions, including the recently introduced Paid Subscriptions in YouTube. To evaluate the extension, we have listed its pros and cons.


  • YouTube Video Deck displays your YouTube subscriptions in a unique, useful way
  • The extension is easy to set up, thanks to its direct link to your Google account
  • You can select make design changes such as the quantity of displayed columns, notifications, and so on
  • The full screen layout and scrolling ability is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate


  • YouTube Video Deck doesn’t allow you to select colours and themes
  • Each video is a link to YouTube, whereas viewing the video inside the same page would have been more convenient.

To conclude, YouTube Video Deck is an excellent alternative to the standard YouTube home feed, thanks to the easy to navigate full screened scrolling design. This extension is perfect for those with many subscriptions, looking to view only the updates of a select few channels at once.

Download YouTube Video Deck.