Sharing web pages with friends, family and colleagues is usually an easy process. For the most part, simply emailing them a link will suffice. However, wanting to share particular pages and websites which are constantly being updated can sometimes be difficult, because the information you wish to share may have been modified or removed by the time your counterpart has opened the link.

Thankfully, URL2JPEG provides a solution. Instead of sharing links, you may now capture an entire web page as a .JPEG image files, making it easy to save, share and modify the page. Additionally, URL2JPEG would be a great asset for those looking to evaluate web design and web page interfaces, and so on. It is also handy for taking detailed screenshots.

The application acts almost as a standalone browser, allowing you to visit websites from your desktop, and instantly save theme entire page as an image.

How to use URL2JPEG

To download URL2JPEG, head over to their website and begin the process. You may then follow the instructions of the installation wizard in order to set the application up for use.

Once you have successfully installed the program, you will be presented with the home window. Within this window, you can immediately type in the URL that you want to convert into a .JPEG file.


Once you have entered your URL, you can select options such as auto resizing, scroll bar removal, and so on. When you have entered your desired URL, hit “Go”.

URL2JPEG will then fetch the URL you searched for, displaying it within the window. You can browse the page and even open links. When you are ready to generate the image, click “Capture Bitmap”.


Once the image has been generated, the application gives you some options to choose from. You may choose to resize the image, copy it to clipboard, and so on. To simply save the image as a .JPEG – or indeed any other file type, click “Save Image…”.


Additionally, You select “Capture Manual Zone” which will then allow you to select a particular area of the webpage to convert into a saveable image.


The good and the bad

URL2JPEG is great for capturing an entire webpage via a high quality screenshot. To fully evaluate the application, we have listed its pros and cons below.


  • URL2JPEG captures clean, clear images of entire webpages, instantly
  • There is no need to actually visit the webpage on your browser, as the program can locate the URL locally
  • Image resizing and manual zone capturing are great tools which works well
  • The image can be saved as a .JPEG, .PNG, and so on. This is essential for editing purposes


  • Extra features such as captioning, bordering and general editing tools would have greatly increases the functionality of URL2JPEG
  • Capturing multiple pages on the same website should be made easier

Overall, URL2JPEG is a simple, sound program which does exactly what it says it does. It can be used as an essential tool for those interested in conducting online market research, web design and general screen capturing for the benefit of sharing. Certainly a handy program to have lying around.

Download URL2JPEG.

  • Nicklas Villebro says:

    Isn’t it just a screen-capture?
    In that case, couldn’t you just use the build-in tool for windows?

    • Kaya Ismail says:

      The difference is, URL2JPEG is able to capture an entire webpage from top to bottom. Window’s screen captuing only captures what is currently shown on the monitor at the time.

      • Nicklas Villebro says:

        I tried it out, and I see what you mean. It isn’t just a screen-cap, this program actually converts the webpage to a pic-file. URL to JPEG.
        Actually a quite handy program. So thanks. 😉