imageWhen it comes to buying gifts for my family or friends, I get a tad confused. It’s not just the gift, but the occasion that matters too. Gifts given on birthdays are totally different from those given on an occasion of housewarming party. It takes me hours to make a final decision and I surf around endlessly on Online Shopping websites to find that perfect gift which will make them happy.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a guide that would suggest you right gifts according to the occasion, the person’s age and your relation to them? Turns out there is a great online service that does this and with pretty good accuracy.

Its called 15Gifts and it’s a gift recommendation engine, which gives intelligent gift suggestions depending upon the occasion, the persons age and many other factors.

The likes and dislikes of other users of the site are taken into account to find the 15 best gift ideas that match the intended recipient. – How Does It Provide Great Gift Ideas:

With – the days of endless search for the perfect gift for your loved ones are over. This sites recommendation are based on crowdsourcing – which basically means  several people have already given their opinion about appropriate gifts to be given on various occasions to people of various age groups.

Once you fill in the few details the site asks to narrow down the gifts, it will suggest you up to 15 gifts that just might make the cut.

They asks simple questions to zero in on the perfect gift –

Relevant Questions

Relevant Occassion

Relevant Interests

And last but not the least it takes care to show gifts are within range of your budget:

Relevant Budget

Once you click search – lists the best possible gifts according to the options you selected in the previous questions.

Recommended Gifts

If you don’t like a particular gift, just click on the cross button on top right and new recommendations would be shown.

The whole process can be sped up considerably if you actually log in via Facebook, and individualize the friend that you need to buy the gift for, since the site then checks the profile of the person you selected and shows you the gifts that would most probably match their taste. If you register with the website – you will start getting reminders with personal gift suggestions in time for every special occasion.


I found the site to be pretty much spot on, as I tried looking for gift for a few friends and I also checked if they gave appropriate recommendations for my taste – Turns out, I liked many of those recommendations.

Although they give you the option to buy from the website itself using various vendors – you can always look for a specific gift you liked on any other online shopping website. The gift idea is what matters with this service.

15Gifts should make special occasion and holiday shopping less of a pain and more of a joy.

Go ahead, Check out 15Gifts.