Google has always wanted its users to have a seamless transition from one service to the other. Over the years, Google has redesigned its services and apps to not only look like one another but also to function in similar fashions to make it easy to go from one place to another. Most services have even introduced storage space where a user can take advantage of Google’s generosity and store photos, music, documents and more online. Now, Google has combined Drive, Google+ and Gmail’s storage spaces into a single 15 GB bundle.

Why make this change to Google storage space?

Google has always been about making you go from one Google service to another, without having to jump through hoops. Over the years, Google has redesigned and restructured how its apps work to make this possible. It’s no surprise that storage space is now shared, because this really was a missing piece of the overall evolution Google has been making. This type of seamless storage between Gmail, Drive and Google+ will make it much easier not only to share things but also to keep tabs on them.  With many other cloud storage services out there, Google has to compete with them somehow and this is the perfect way.

The current Google storage page

Google Drive storage

Once Google releases the updated storage page, we’ll cover it in more detail. For now, we know it’ll show your overall storage space between the three services as well as allowing you to upgrade to 100 GB or 200 GB plans for a monthly fee. The plans, so far, are affordable and reasonable from Google, and who knows what they’ll offer once the changes roll out live for all users.

What does the future hold for shared storage from Google?

Google has continuously shown it wants to make things work together like no other service on the Web. By sharing storage space, Google takes another step in the right direction. Will Google add more apps and services to the shared storage space model? Time will tell, but if Google has shown us anything, it’s that they’re willing to take risks to make things more seamless within its services.

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