In the modern online world, it’s all about cloud based services. The benefits and conveniences are numerous, and thus it has become a popular system for many new services. From cloud based Music players all the way to cloud based storage – you name it, it’s probably on the cloud.

Of course, there is always room for more. WeVideo is a free, cloud based video creation service which lets you upload, modify and share video content with friends and family via various social networks.

Using WeVideo, you can use videos, images and music from your computer and social networks together to create fascinating, professional videos. Various themes, captions and effects help make your productions entirely unique.

How to use WeVideo to create your own videos

A great benefit of WeVideo is that it can be accessed and used on any web browser. Additionally, Google Chrome users can enjoy the WeVideo Chrome extension. To get started, simply head over to the WeVideo website.

Once you reach the homepage of the website, you will notice the registration area located at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click “Sign Up” to proceed.


WeVideo will then present you with the option to sign in using Facebook, Google or Yahoo. You may also choose to sign up using only an email address. If possible, using your Google account is recommended, as using files from Google Drive will become easier, and you will be less likely to sign out of it on a regular basis.


When signing up with Google, you will be asked to select the account which you wish to link to WeVideo.


Finally, Google will ask you to authorize WeVideo’s access to your Google account information. Click “Accept” to proceed.


Once you have successfully signed up for WeVideo, you can immediately jump into the video creating action. Hit “Create Video” to get started.


The simplicity of WeVideo’s user interface is one of the many reasons as to why it is so popular. On the “Storyboard” screen, you will be given the opportunity to record or upload content to begin adding to your video.

On the left hand side bar, you can select Videos, Photos and Music media sections. All of your uploads will be categorized and managed within these separate pages. To begin uploading content, hit “Upload Media”.


Another great feature of WeVideo is its seamless connection to various cloud based storage systems. Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram and Flickr are just some of the online media storage services you can upload from. Naturally, you may also upload files directly from your computer.


Once you have uploaded your media, you will be taken back to the “Storyboard” screen, where you can begin adding your content to the video you are attempting to create. To start, click the content you have just uploaded. Once clicked, it will be automatically added to the video timeline.


After adding content such as videos and images to your video timeline, you can begin modifying and designing. Using the left hand side bar, you will be able to input captions, tag friends, apply transformational effects, adjust volume, etc.

Underneath the video timeline, you will also see options which allow you to apply different themes to your video, along with your own music or audio.


As you continue to experiment, add to and edit your content, you will eventually perfect your video using WeVideo’s many customization features.

Eventually, you will create an awesome, professional looking video worthy of sharing with all your friends and family.


Once your video creation is complete, hit “Publish”. You will then be able to select where you would like to publish your video to. WeVideo also allows you to download the content, so you can upload it anywhere you wish. Once ready, simply hit the “Publish Now” button to begin the publishing process.


The good and the bad

WeVideo is a fantastic video creation tool, offering a multitude of features and conveniences. To fully evaluate the cloud based video creation service, we have listed its pros and cons below.


  • WeVideo can help you produce high quality, professional looking videos in almost no time at all
  • Three separate video creation modes offer video editing novices and champions alike to create good content
  • The themes and visual effects offered by WeVideo make the editing process enjoyable
  • Seamless connections between Facebook, Google and YouTube gives WeVideo a much-needed social dimension
  • The ability to access content from Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram and more make the speedy nature of WeVideo even faster and more convenient
  • WeVideo has a clean, easily navigable interface and menu system which is a joy to use


  • WeVideo could be a little faster when uploading and publishing content
  • Signing up with, or linking directly to the users YouTube or Vimeo account would have come in very handy

To conclude, WeVideo offers a wide range of video editing and enhancing features. You can turn old, bland video content into exciting, vivid entertainment. WeVideo’s settings allow you to add various themes, effects, captions music and so on. The possibilities are vast, and thus each created video has unique qualities, making it perfect to share on social media.

Additionally, WeVideo is just as useful for business as it is for old vacation videos. Presentations, trailers and product demonstrations can all be put together with the help of WeVideo. For novices, learning how to use WeVideo is easy, yet expert video editors can also benefit from the various advanced settings on offer. Overall, WeVideo does a fantastic job of allowing you to create and share unique video content.

Try WeVideo.