Windows 8 App roundup this week is focused on free E-mail Apps. We’re showing you three of the best e-mail apps in the Windows Store as well as the default Microsoft app. When it comes to e-mail, sadly, the Windows Store has few choices limited to individual services as opposed to an all-in-one client.



We’ve covered Gmail Touch before on TechNorms, and we’ll add it to this list, too. Gmail Touch is everything we want in an e-mail app for Windows 8, if only you could link your other e-mail accounts to it. We love the visual display, truly taking on the Windows 8 look and feel.


  • Can add multiple Gmail accounts to use in the app
  • Running in the background can take


  • Only able to manage Gmail accounts
  • While running in background, seems to take up a lot of system resources

Yahoo! Mail


Unfortunately, our second pick is another service-based e-mail provider: Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo Mail follows the same scope of display that the Gmail Touch app does, allowing you to send photos, videos and more, along with background capabilities to alert you to new e-mails as you do other things on your PC.


  • Easy to use UI makes using Yahoo mail a breeze
  • Quickly search, browse and find e-mails


  • Cannot set up multiple Yahoo accounts to manage
  • Slow response time depending on how many apps you have opened in the background



AgelessEmail is a beautiful full screen display of your e-mails, from various accounts. It is by far the best option for Windows 8 users, because it allows you to view multiple accounts in a single place. However, the biggest downfall of AgelessEmail is that all configuration of the account takes place at its web site as opposed to through the Windows 8 app itself.


  • Beautiful, visually stimulating display of emails and accounts
  • Can manage multiple accounts from one app


  • Must manage accounts through web site, not app
  • May be too simple for those looking for advanced email features

Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging


The default Mail app in Windows 8 allows you to connect multiple accounts, including Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and more. You can manage multiple accounts, search, label and send e-mails. As far as Windows 8 apps go, the default Mail app does more than most other e-mail apps out there. If you dismissed this app simply because it’s from Microsoft, you’re missing out.


  • Can manage multiple e-mail addresses in one place
  • Layered e-mail threads make it easy to see what’s going on in a conversation


  • UI takes advantage of the Modern design but still seems unpolished
  • Can be slow and unresponsive at times

What is my favorite e-mail app in Windows 8?

Even I can’t believe I’m saying this, but so far, my favorite overall e-mail app in Windows 8 is the default Mail app. While I primarily use Gmail for my e-mail service, if you’re looking for an app that does it all between multiple services, this puts the default Mail app on top. If you only use Gmail or Yahoo, I’d recommend sticking with their apps but overall, the default Mail app comes out on top in this week’s Windows App Roundup.

What e-mail app is your favorite in Windows 8? Let us know in the comments below!