Google Wave LogoGoogle Wave is an interesting communication tool and it lets you follow and participate in several conversations simultaneously.

But its difficult to track conversations if you are working on some other application and need to manually check for new notifications yourself. Now, we have Google wave Notifier-  a handy little app that lets us keep tab on latest waves.

Its a simple, easy to use application designed to alert you whenever you receive a new Wave.

After you download the Notifier, an icon will appear in your system tray to let you know if you have any unread waves.

Using Google Wave Notifier:

After you download and install Google Wave Notifier, it asks you to login to your Google Wave account.

Google Wave Notifier - Login Window

Once you are logged in, it sits in the system tray and notifies you of any new wave.

Google Wave Notifier - New Wave Notification

Although the notifier automatically checks for new waves every 2 minutes, You can manually check for new waves by right clicking on the Google Wave Notifier icon. Clicking on the Inbox option takes you to the Google Wave Inbox by opening it in your default browser.

Taskbar Icons Option

If there aren’t any new waves when you check them, it lets you know that the notifier is upto date.

Google Wave Notifier - Check Update

If you left click on the icon and there are no new waves it lets you know.

Google Wave Nofier - Left Click Result

And if there are new waves it displays the Unread Wave. You can click on this notification and it directly takes you to the respective Wave.

Google Wave Notier - Left Click on new waves

It works quite well and after every couple of minutes checks for new waves and reports them immediately.

Key Features of Google Wave Notifier:

  • Automatically check for new Waves every two minutes
  • See the last reply to an unread Wave
  • Quick access to your last five unread Waves
  • You are informed when a new version is available
  • Easily browse to an unread Wave or your inbox

You can download Google Wave Notifier from Sourceforge here.