FontPro is a new web service that lets you browse, preview, and download over 20,000 different fonts. And while there are plenty of free font collections on the internet, just search Google for free fonts, FontPro approach is a little different.

Most free font websites are cluttered, ugly, and filled with ads. But FontPro’s interface is clean, simple, and contains no advertising. But FontPro’s real power is in it’s previewing app.

Instead of the one-line previews that most font collection services provide, FontPro has a built text editing app with pre-designed templates.

This means you can preview a whole article with separate headings and text elements. You can use a different font for the headings and body. And you can change text size, line height, and letter spacing for each element.

When we previously covered FontPro, we showed you how to find the name of any font on the Web, let’s take a look at how FontPro works now.

It’s fonting easy

You need to create an account with FontPro to use their tools. So go to the home page and click on ’Try It Now’ and create a new account. It’s quick and easy.


Once you have signed up you’ll want to browse some fonts and create a collection. Click on “Browse” in the top navigation menu. On the next page, the fonts are laid out in a grid. You can either search for a font by name or use the filter box to narrow down the fonts displayed.


When you find a font you like click on the thumbnail to preview the font. From the preview page, you can download the font as.TTF or @font-face which allows you to embed the font in a website using CSS.

Click on the heart icon to add the font to your collection. Or the demo icon to launch a text editor.


But the real power of FontPro is the Project section. Click on ’Project’ in the menu bar and you’ll be asked to create a new project. You can choose from a blog article template, a side by side template, or a blank canvas. Let’s take a look at the blog article template.


From the project screen, you can choose what font to use for each text element. You can choose from fonts that are in your collection, fonts installed on your hard drive, the staff picked fonts and fonts from Google Web Fonts. In the future, you’ll be able to choose fonts from and Typekit.


After choosing your fonts you can adjust the size, line-height, and letter spacing using the sliders. Each text element or block can be edited individually.


You can then see how your blog article will appear.


And then save your project by giving it a name and clicking save.


Fonting conclusion

FontPro is a valuable service for anyone who needs to design type. It is clean, simple and fast to use plus you can download fonts at the click of a button. But the best part is the Project tool which lets you preview how your article or writing will look without using an external editor.

FontPro is free to use for now, but with and Typekit integration coming soon this could change.

Try FontPro.