Whether the task at hand is finishing off that homework, organizing presentations or conducting some research – we all struggle to stay focused. Google Chrome users will certainly understand the distractions linked with the never-ending flow of fun, interesting extensions, paired with the addictive nature of the internet itself.

Luckily, there are also some handy Chrome GTD (Get Things Done) extensions which can help keep you focused, instead of merely presenting you with distractions.

By nature, the Internet itself is in constant metamorphosis, coming up with easier ways to watch more videos and read more content. In turn, third-party Chrome developers have come up with some innovative ways to keep your eyes, cursor and mind where it should be.

Minimize distractions with these Chrome GTD extensions

Our last Google Chrome GTD post featured some fantastic tools and extensions to boost productivity. But for those looking to test and try out some of the most recent productivity extensions, we have compiled six of the very best of them.

1. Read Later Fast


Have you ever come across an article or website that is so interesting, you have to read it right away? That deadline can wait, right? Wrong.

Read Fast Later is a beautifully simple, yet effective extension built to keep you focused on the task at hand. Instead of wasting time on websites unrelated to your work, you can simply right-click anywhere on the website and save the page for later.

The saved page is instantly sent to the Read Later Fast home screen, which can be accessed via your Google Chrome home screen. Once saved, you can archive your favorite pages, or simply delete them once they have been read. Read Fast Later also allows you to save your archives online via your Google account, meaning that they can be accessed from other devices.

Update: This extension is not available on Chrome Store. Alternative link for this extension is below

Download Read Later.

2. Tabcloud


Keeping open tabs organized can be almost impossible when conducting extensive research online. Having various tabs open for business, personal use, etc can become extremely confusing.

TabCloud holds the key to such an organizational dilemma. This handy Chrome GTD extension identifies all of your open tabs across multiple windows, allowing you to name your windows, and easily move tabs between them. This helps keep them categorised under whichever name befits them, allowing you to concentrate on your work instead of on your jumbled tabs.

Additionally, TabCloud allows you to save a group of tabs, close the window which houses them, and then re-load them at a later date. An extremely useful feature which can simplify ongoing tasks.

Download Tabcloud.

3. Wunderlist


Staying on top of the simpler tasks within your daily routine can often cause issues, especially when on the move.

Wunderlist is a refreshingly aesthetic and effective way of keeping a daily task list right inside your browser. You can quickly add new tasks into the Wunderlist “Inbox” and check them at your convenience throughout the day. Ticking them off as complete removes them from your task list.

A great feature that Wunderlist offers is categorization. On the left-hand side bar, you can create folders to keep separate lists in their correct place, away from your daily tasks. Wunderlist is also available as an app for iOS and Android, and so your lists are synced between the two when on the go.

Download Wunderlist.

4. Task Timer


It’s always important to monitor the time you spend on certain task and activities, particularly when you are working on numerous projects at once.

Task Timer is a simple Chrome productivity extension which helps you to keep track of the time you spend on your daily tasks. The results are neatly presented in the form of an easily readable pie chart.

All you have to do is name your task, specify the time you wish to spend on it, and then let Task Timer do its job. Once you switch to a different task, you can pause or stop the original one, and quickly create a new activity which will then be timed. The more tasks you add, the more Task Timer can analyse.

Download Task Timer.

5. Writer


Writing articles and blog posts on your browser is risky business. The lure of experimenting with different header types, fonts and formats can begin to wast valuable time. Not to mention the many buttons leading to other websites and pages.

Thankfully, Writer offers a solution. Using this clever extension, you can write your content whilst remaining free of all distractions. Writer removes you from the world of fancy buttons and word formatting, and places you in a peaceful writing environment. No fonts, no bold, no italics – just words.

Users can customize the foreground and background colours of Writer, and can also send, save print or export their work into different formats.

Download Writer.

6. Procrastinator


A major distraction whilst working online can be visiting the wrong websites and the wrong time. Check Facebook notifications and the latest Twitter trends is not what you want to be doing as a deadline looms.

Procrastinator allows you to quickly and easily block the URL of the websites that cause you to lose track of time. You simply hit the Procrastinator icon located next to your address bar, and add the URL.

Once you have defined the list of sites you wish Procrastinator to block, you may then individually control the extension for each website, or use a general time span to control all of the blocked websites. Such a feature is ideal for those working within a particular time frame.

Download Procrastinator.


So there you have it. These six Google Chrome GTD extensions will almost certainly help boost your productivity and monitor your daily tasks. If shot attention spans and procrastination plague your day, these extensions are exactly what you’re looking for.