Microsoft finally unveiled their next-generation console and they have named it Xbox One. The name was pretty outlandish with most guesses on Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity or just Xbox.

Sony may have had the few months beforehand to keep everyone bubbling, but the Xbox event has been in the back of a lot of gamers heads, hoping Microsoft would get it right.

Xbox One: Entertainment hub


For all gamers out there, the Xbox One is more than just a gaming console, a lot more. Microsoft does not seem to want to attach the Xbox primarily to gaming but to entertainment in general.

This is a stark contrast to the PS4, where Sony talked about developers and gaming the entire session. We can see both companies have different views, Microsoft believes the Xbox should be an entertainment hub while Sony believes the PS4 should be a gaming powerhouse.

Each will appeal to different users, but on the broad scale, Xbox One has more to offer. It has a cable TV plugin, allowing users to view all their subscription TV from the Xbox.

It also has tons of on-demand content, movies, and music. The Xbox allows the user to switch between the different tabs open, something really new to consoles.

Kinect has been vastly improved as well if the event demo is anything to go by, the user can move around Xbox with Kinect voice commands or swipes and SmartGlass can work on multiple platforms as a remote.

New games


Even though the primary focus has slipped away from gaming, there has still been a large amount of work done to progress the system forward, to handle intense, immersive and dynamic games.

The first on the show today was EA Sports, who revealed the new Ignite engine for sports games. This engine will make games more competitive and make sure every inch of the field is tackled correctly and more realistically.

AI on EA Sports Ignite is fluid, responsive and real, it does not just follow simple commands, it has questionable input that makes the user feel like they are playing a multiplayer game, rather than against a computer.

Quantum Dream is another new title by Remedy Studios, the game had a small trailer but it was really hard to tell what it actually meant the game was going to become.

Then there was Call of Duty: Ghosts, one of the most anticipated titles right now. The military action franchise will move away from Modern Warfare, instead creating a story of hiding, stealth and not being the powerful ones.

Activision has added a new engine for Call of Duty: Ghosts which takes advantage of the awesome new power in the Xbox One, it will have better AI on every computer generated animal, dynamic maps that fall apart and complex storytelling, it will also feature a dog.

Focus on media

We can tell Microsoft want a media presence, like Amazon and Apple, who have huge online media stores. Microsoft has announced the development of Halo: The Television Series for Xbox One.

The company will offer their streaming services, Xbox Live Music and Xbox Live Video and may offer them for free to Xbox Live Gold Members, although we doubt that is the case.

Xbox will also offer Netflix and other streaming services on the Xbox Live dashboard. We expect more original programming to crop up as the Xbox One gets closer.

PS4 vs Xbox One


The real question is what to pick, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Both companies have different ideologies about what makes a great service and for the first time, we can see Sony trying to offer a cheaper more gaming related service.

Xbox One is not a softy when it comes to games however, they have 8GB of RAM, fast storage solutions, HDMI ports and lots of processing power, so we expect the Xbox One to be a real competitor to the PS4.

It may again come down to price, although with the new line up of exclusives coming to Xbox One, the race may already be over for those wanting some exclusive titles.