Start Menu Reviver is a unique Start Menu for Windows 8 that brings together what seems like the best from various programs around the Web into one comprehensive program. Programs like Classic Shell and Start8 can’t even come close to what Start Menu Reviver brings to Windows 8, and we’ll show you how to get started with this amazing Start Menu program.

How to get started with Start Menu Reviver

You can download Start Menu Reviver from its web site.

Once downloaded, run the installer that you downloaded. Start Menu Reviver is an easy install, so just follow the instructions to complete the process.

After the install is complete, Start Menu Reviver will be added to the familiar Start Menu location in the Windows 8 taskbar.


Start Menu Reviver will launch a tutorial that can help you through getting used to using the program. This can be helpful to refer back to you as you start learning the ins and outs of Start Menu Reviver.


Click “Close,” and then right-click the Start Menu Reviver icon in the taskbar.

Start Menu Reviver has a handful of settings that can make using your new Start Menu more effective.


You can load Start Menu Reviver from the moment you boot Windows 8 which’ll be the most effective way to use the program. You can also check for updates to the program on each boot, this can be useful to ensure you have the latest version of Start Menu Reviver.


You can change the Start Menu button from here, too, to an icon more of your liking, and you have the ability to customize Start Menu Reviver as you see fit. Once you get the feel for Start Menu Reviver, these will make more sense down the line.

Remember to click “Save,” then click “Close” to save your setting changes.

How to use Start Menu Reviver

If you click on the icon to open your new Start Menu, you’ll see a Metro-style Start Menu filled to the brim with just about everything you’d want access to in Windows 8.


At the top right, you’ll be able to access your most recently used program – in this case, Chrome – and My Computer. Below that, you can quickly access your Start screen. Below that, you have access to your Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives you some of the most common Microsoft-based tiles both located on the Start screen and loaded by default by Windows 8.


You can change these tiles by left-clicking on them and clicking “Edit tile.”


From here, you can change all aspects of the title, such as the name, the shortcut, the color and even choosing a Metro-style icon to use to represent it. You can even set these tiles to run as administrator as you see fit.

When you create a new tile for your Start Menu, you can customize the same features.


To the left of your new Start Menu, you can access a variety of settings and features available in Windows 8.

If you click “Settings,” you’ll have direct access to your Windows 8 settings which is by far one of the quickest ways to get to these settings.


You’ll have direct access to your Recent items.

(6) recent

You’ll also be able to open your Network settings, search, open the Task Manager, the Run command and even access to your recently used Apps.

(8) apps

As you can see, Start Menu Reviver is a comprehensive Start Menu for Windows 8.

Is Start Menu Reviver the only program you need to restore the Start Menu in Windows 8?

By far, Start Menu Reviver blows other Start Menu programs in Windows 8 out of the water. It comes loaded with all the features, and more, that you’d ever want in a Start Menu. If only Start Menu Reviver could replace the Windows 7 Start Menu, too.

Download Start Menu Reviver.