tubeify_logoYouTube is the biggest video website in the world, with over 2 billion videos being watch everyday and every minute, videos worth 24 hours being uploaded according to the YouTube Fact sheet.

This has led to an increasing collection of Music videos on YouTube, so much that many people use YouTube to listen to music when they are online. But YouTube is not designed to listen to music, it’s designed to watch videos and move from one video to other.

Using YouTube to listen to music can get annoying, since the videos stop when you search for another song, many duplicate clips appear in the search results, and the playlist has poor functionality.

The developers of Tubeify faced the same issue and decided to find a solution and thus Tubeify was created (Currently Invite only service, leave a comment below for an invite). They have taken advantage of the huge music videos collection that resides on YouTube and used that data for creating a Jukebox or a personalized radio of sorts with a number of other features.

Tubeify –  Your Unlimited Source Of Online Music:

Tubeify is designed to work like any regular desktop Music Player, like iTunes or WMP, but being available online, it is always accessible via any computer.  Then all the annoying parts of YouTube were removed for a better music listening experience. Lets look at some of its features.

Song Search:

Tubeify’s searching is handled by the API, and unlike on YouTube the current track will continue to play while searching. Search results are treated as “lazy playlists” which can be “pinned” to the sidebar for easy access later. Adding songs to playlists and the play queue is also pretty easy with full drag and drop support.

Billboard Charts:

Another great feature of Tubeify are the top charts that are included, and the ability to pull up charts from previous years, all the way back to 1964. This functionality is powered by Billboard’s API and allows users check out, and play, what was topping the charts decades ago.


Various additional channels are provided for the user to listen to specific genre of music.


This makes it easy to get the data by genre from YouTube without doing any search.

Tubeify – Music Player Interface:


The Music player is similar to what we see in other web based music services like GrooveShark. But in Tubeify you get to see the Video at the left bottom corner of the page.

Clicking on any song in the playlist on the right starts the video. You can see the video in Full screen, skip songs forward and back, as well as enable shuffling of songs that are present in the current playlist.

Music Videos:

Tubeify offers music videos to all of its music content, since its derived from YouTube. You can choose the size of the video window. Simply drag the right hand corner of the music video.

You can also select another video if you want.
Just press the “Select video” button over the music video and an alternative music videos for the
same song will appear.

Playlist Creation:

Playlist creation from search results that show up on right side of the site, is very easy. You can pin the entire search result as a “Lazy Playlist” to be sorted later or can drag and drop multiple songs in a playlist.


Tubeify – Features at a Glance:

Once logged in to you can access the following features:

  • Search: Song/Artist/Album
  • Popular in Country/City
  • Top Charts with “Time travel”
  • Play Queue
  • Custom Playlists
  • Music Video
  • Social sharing
  • Similar artists

With the virtually unlimited supply of music from YouTube and a good application of Search and Time Machine feature using Last .fm and API, Tubeify can do well in the future. I am sure with time they would also add a number of new features which makes it quite promising.

Verdict: We think the guys at Tubeify have done a great job is using the and Billboard APIs for search and listing music charts. This certainly helps in easily finding and playing the songs we are looking for.

It is however a new service and I encountered a couple or errors. Both time however, the issue was resolved by refreshing the page.

We have a few invites for Tubeify – If you want to check out the service – just leave a comment below and we will send you the invite.

Visit Tubeify

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