Over time, Facebook notifications, marketing emails and all those mailing lists you keep forgetting to unsubscribe to, come together to crowd your inbox. You try your best to organize and set up folders, but it’s just a feeble attempt to fight a losing battle.

Those who want to start winning that battle, should seriously consider using Mailstrom. The web application allows you to analyse and clean up your inbox, reaching that elusive “Inbox Zero” level that so many of us have given up on.

Using Mailstrom, you can view your inbox messages by sender, subject, size and much more. It even filters out the emails you receive from popular social media websites such as YouTube and Twitter.

Unlike inbox pausing services, Mailstrom attacks the root of the problem. It displays your entire inbox in a simple, organized fashion, allowing you to quickly and easy delete or archive large sections of your messages at a time.

How to use Mailstrom

Although Mailstrom is currently in beta, the service is now available for public free trials. To take advantage, head over to their website and enter the email account you’d like to begin cleaning out, and hit “Free Trial!” Due to being in beta, you will have to wait in a queue until Mailstrom send you an email before you can begin. Luckily, this usually doesn’t take more than a couple of hours.


Once you have received an email from Mailstrom, you will be instructed to click a verification link. The link leads to a sign up page, which allows you to sign up with either your Google account, or a separate email account.


Once you’ve successfully signed in, Mailstrom will have completed its analysis of your inbox. On the left hand sidebar, you will notice the categories and groups within which your messages have been filed.

Using Mailstrom, you can group emails which date back years by sender, date, subject, and more. Each of these groups allow you to view your messages in a way you’ve never been able to do before.

For example, by clicking “Social,” all social media related email notifications and messages within your inbox will be displayed.


You will now be able to view the different social media websites which are currently jamming your inbox with emails. Mailstrom also informs you about how many emails each social media website has sent you.


After clicking on one of the tabs representing a social media website, Mailstrom will present you with the emails associated with them which are currently lurking in your inbox. You then have the ability to select, archive, delete or move your messages.

This useful feature enables you to selectively delete sections of your inbox without worrying about deleting items you would rather keep. It also gives you a quick overview of just how much of your inbox is taken up by particular marketing companies or social media websites. Keeping your inbox spam-free has never been easier.


On the left-hand side bar, you will also see an “Inbox Zero Progress” bar, which records how many emails you have successfully deleted or archived.

Immediately beneath, you will see more statistics regarding your email account. These include a daily total of all your messages from yesterday and today, along with the number of emails received and deleted today.

A small graph is also shown, displaying your rate of email deletion. To access for graphs, simply click on the graph itself.

You will then be taken to a separate page, which displays two further graphs, illustrating your Mailstrom processes. Using these two graphs, you can monitor your email volume by day, as well as the total of sent messages per day.

To view different days, you can simply use the slider above the graphs. These graphs can help you analyse and monitor your inbox zero progress.


The good and the bad

Mailstrom is a brilliantly polished web application which can help clean up your cluttered email inbox in almost no time at all. To provide a full evaluation, we’ve listed the pros and cons of this clever application below.


  • Mailstrom offers a comprehensive yet easy to use method of attaining Inbox Zero in no time
  • Seeing your emails organized in so many different ways is helpful for analysis and deletion
  • To save time, you can add multiple email accounts to one Mailstrom user account
  • Requires almost no time to analyse and count your inbox messages
  • Stats, facts and numbers help you evaluate your inbox and understand which areas need most attention. Or, you can go ahead and rampantly delete everything
  • Supports wide range of email account providers
  • Clean, polished menus and graphs offer plenty of sophistication


  • You need to wait a couple of hours after application to begin using Mailstrom, but this is expected to change after the official release
  • Although currently free, Mailstrom is expected to be a service only available to paying customers in the near future
  • More graphs could have been used, for exmaple, a graph showing the percentage of emails from each particular sender

As a web-based email inbox organizer, Mailstrom has everything you need to start analysing and deleting old, annoying emails which clutter your inbox.

Mailstrom currently supports Gmail/Google Apps, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail, AOL, and other IMAP-enabled email services. The service is perfect for those receiving numerous emails per day, from numerous sources, and less useful to those with a small number of emails in their inbox to begin with.

Overall, Mailstrom’s well presented, easily navigable service allows you to quick cut through your email clutter, reaching inbox zero in no time.

Try Mailstrom.