Cupcloud is a free productivity application that can save your workflow (open files and documents, web pages and tabs) to the cloud. Then when you’re ready you can restore this session later, even on a different computer. Saved workflows can also be shared, allowing someone else with Cupcloud installed to open your workflow. And it’s really easy to set up and use.

Resume your work on the cloud

To get started with Cupcloud, sign up for a free account and then download and install the software. Cupcloud is available for Mac or Windows.


Cupcloud runs in the background, so when you’re ready to save your workflow click the menu icon and choose “Open.”


Create a Cup

The Cupcloud interface is very basic. On left are your private and shared cups. In the middle of the screen is a list of your saved cups. A cup is a saved workflow session. When you want to save your workflow click on the “Cup button.”


After your cup has been created it will be given a default name that isn’t very helpful. To rename it, right-click on your cup and select “Rename.” Give it a useful name and you’re set.


Resume your workflow

When you create a cup it will be listed in the middle of the screen. By clicking on the cup you can view what files, documents, browsers, and tabs were saved. Sync your cup to the cloud by clicking the “Sync” button. And to restore your workflow click the “Uncup button.”


Since your workflow is saved to the cloud when you ‘uncup’ your documents and browsing session your workflow will be restored to the same state whether you restarted your computer, restore it a week later, or even to a different computer (assuming you have the same applications installed!).

Share your cup

To share a cup with someone else you first need to create a shared folder. Right-click on the “Shared folder” section and select “New folder.” Give the folder a name and click “Ok.”


Then right click on your private cup and select copy to shared folder. Select your shared folder and click “Ok.”


Cloudcup is still in beta and the list of supported applications isn’t very long. Cupcloud currently supports:

  • Web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Apple iWork
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Explorer
  • Mac Finder

Expect more applications to be added over time.


Cupcloud is a unique application and a very good idea. It could be one of those ideas that you never thought would be necessary until you actually try it.

The program runs without any problems and does exactly what it claims to do. The only shortcoming at this stage is the small number of applications it supports. But this will grow over time.

Another improvement would be the ability to save a cup through a keyboard shortcut or via the menubar icon, rather than having to open the application. But I’m sure they will also add more features as the project matures.

If you ever find yourself having to close and reopen your workflow through the day, or need to return to a certain project at a different time Cupcloud will be a very useful productivity tool.

Download Cupcloud.