Evernote has been updated with its most requested feature ever. Reminders.

Being able to add a reminder, along with a due date and notification, to a note in Evernote will make the best productivity tool even more efficient. Plus, you can view your reminders as a to-do list and tick off your reminders as you complete them.

As of the time of writing the reminders, feature is only available on Evernote for Mac, iOS and Evernote Web. Expect Windows and Android updates very soon.

How to use Evernote reminders

To add a new reminder, click the “alarm clock icon” and it will be instantly added to your reminders list.


For time-sensitive reminders, you can set a due date by clicking the “Add a Date” button, and then selecting a date from the pop-out calendar.


Reminders then appear as a to-do list above your note list.


Your to do list in Evernote

By changing the view to “All Notes,” you can view all of your reminders for every Notebook.


Notes can be sorted and ordered by clicking on the “Reminder Options” icon.


Here the reminders are sorted by due date.


When you open a Notebook, you will only see the reminders associated with that Notebook.


Get notified of Evernote reminders

Notifications are sent to every device that supports the reminder feature and reminders can also be emailed.

Getting Evernote reminder notifications

When you have finished the task associated with your reminder you can mark is as complete in the reminders list by clicking the checkbox, or swipe to the right on your iOS device.



Evernote is such a great productivity tool for staying on top of projects, research, and planning, as well as organizing your thoughts. And now it just got better.

The reminders featured was the most requested for a reason, and I’m glad Evernote have listened. The ability to add reminders to notes improves productivity and takes away the need to use Evernote with separate to-do list application, greatly improving workflow.

Start using Evernote reminders.