If you haven’t heard about IFTTT yet then you’re missing out on one of the most powerful web services available. IFTTT lets you connect different web services and perform actions based on events or triggers.

Check out our in-depth guide on getting started with IFTTT, and learn how you can create recipes to make your life easier.

Recipes are the heart and soul of IFTTT, and creating them is simple. But stealing them is better! Well it’s not really stealing, since recipes can be shared. But why go to all the trouble of creating your own when there are plenty of great recipes out there?

Here are my favorite recipes for staying productive.

1. Star an e-mail in Gmail and send it to Evernote

Star email in gmail and send to evernote

When ever you star an email in Gmail it is sent to Evernote as a new note. Useful if you want to keep log of important emails in Evernote. This recipe can be modified so instead of searching for starred emails in your inbox, you can utilize any of Gmail’s search terms.

Star in Gmail, send to Evernote

2. Add orders and receipts from Gmail to a spreadsheet in Google Drive


When you receive and email in Gmail with the word ‘Receipt’ or ‘Order’ in the subject a new row is added to a receipt spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Orders and receipts from Gmail to a spreadsheet.

3. Text You The Weather Every Morning


Simple but useful. Every morning you’ll get a text with the day’s weather forecast.

Text me the weather.

4. E-mail a friend on their birthday


What a great idea! Your friends will love you. Just don’t tell them you had no idea it was their birthday when they thank you. This one is a little more complicated to set up, but once your calendar contains important birthdays you’re set.

Email a friend on their birthday

5. Save package tracking in Google Calendar


Track any shipping status changes with this handy recipe. Changes will be added to your Google Calendar.

Save package tracking in Google Calendar.

6. Turn on your lights when the sun sets


If you have a Belkin WeMo switch use this recipe to automatically turn on your lights when the sun sets. Very useful for when you’re out of town and you don’t want people to know your house is empty. Or if you just don’t want to get off the couch!

Turn on your lights when the sun sets.

7. Send a text to update your workout log


Keep track of all your workouts to help you stay consistent and meet your goals. Just send IFTTT a text message with the tag ’#workout’ in the message. A new row will be added to a Google Drive spreadsheet.

Update your workout log with a text message.

8. Receive an e-mail when a new book is added to Kindle’s top 100 free books


A great recipe for kindle users. Whenever a new book is added to Kindle’s top free 100 books list you get a new email.

Receive an email when a new book is added to Kindle’s top 100 free books.

9. Create a Google Calendar event from Evernote


You can share a note in Evernote to create a new event in Google Calendar. You do need to remember to share the note though. But very useful for remembering dinner dates or other important events.

Create a calendar event from Evernote.

10. When you change your Facebook profile photo update your Twitter profile


This recipe will help you keep your social media profile photos in sync. When ever you change your Facebook profile photo it will be updated in Twitter.

Update your Twitter profile photo when you update Facebook


IFTTT is a very useful and powerful tool. I recommend signing up for an account if you haven’t already. It’s made to make your life easier. And it’s free.

If you’re still new to IFTTT don’t forget to read our detailed overview on getting started and creating your first recipes.

IFTTT could change your life. You can appear smarter and more organized by doing less. Just don’t become too lazy!

Do you have any favorite IFTTT productivity recipes? Share them in the comments.