befunky_logoRecently we wrote how easy it is, to add the color splash effect to your photos with use of online image editors like Picnik. But that is a specialized effect that one needs to work on, to get the perfect output.

Sometimes we just need to add a random, cool looking effect to our photos, either to make them look funky or to make them stand out. For such occasions, you should try BeFunky.

It is very friendly service to use, much unlike other complicated photo software. One can use their creativity in so many ways with all the cool effects BeFunky has to offer.


Add Amazingly Cool Effects To Your Photos:

BeFunky is very user-friendly and provides the users with a large number of applications to apply various effects to their photos. For those who do not have many skills in Photoshop but love to stylize their photos, BeFunky is a perfect choice!

Using all the application provided by BeFunky is easy. Go to the BeFunky Applications Page, upload any photo or image and apply the desired effects.


BeFunky lets you upload the photos from a large number of sources like your computers hard drive, picture taken from a webcam or from a social network like Facebook.

Once you upload the photo, you can then choose the effects shown on the left sidebar and click on the effect to apply it on your uploaded image.


You can also change the intensity of the effect you want to apply by adjusting various parameters provided. This way, you can experiment with the effect and adjust the final version to your liking.

BeFunky Features and Options:

The feature described above, Photo Effects, is just one of the many features that BeFunky has. There are many other options for photo effects, lets look at a few more below.


Other features include:

  • Auto Editing of photos for best output for any uploaded photo.
  • Basic Editing, where you can choose the Exposure, Color/Temperature of the photo and adjust the brightness and contrast.
  • You can also add various goodies, to your photos like Music and holiday symbols, Speech bubbles and stickers and many more.
  • You can add Text in various fonts and sizes.
  • You can add some really cool looking frames, each with their own effects, like a grunge frame or a classic wooden frame.
  • You can also store your photos online with BeFunky to work on them later. They offer an unlimited online storage space.
  • Share your photos on any Social Network.
  • Take print out of your work or create products like T-Shirts prints right from the website.


BeFunky has many different, fun ways you can edit your photos, you can even see how you would look minus 10lbs. It helps people turn their offline personalities into powerful online visual expressions.

If you need to add special effects to your photos, BeFunky is the service to visit.

Go ahead – Check out BeFunky.