sync_links_between_PC_and_phoneConsider this scenario – you are reading/viewing an interesting article/video on your computer, but you need to go someplace. You can continue reading the article on your smartphone, but the process of sharing a link from your computer to your device is quite tedious.

You need to copy and paste the link in an email and send it to your own email address. Then you need to open your email inbox on your cell phone and then click on the link to continue reading.

Wouldn’t it be great if this process can be reduced to a Single click? Well, the guys at “KeepItWith.Me” have figured out a simple solution for this issue.


One Click Bookmark To Sync Url’s Across Devices:

KeepItWith.Me is a smart web-based service that lets you create a set of bookmarks which can sync any link across devices. Lets see how this process works.

1) Visit the KeepItWith.Me website and click on “Get Links” option.  They will create a set of unique send and receive links for you.

2) Now drag these “Send” and “Receive”  links to your Bookmarks bar. [If you can’t drag them, right-click each link and click “Bookmark this Link” (or “Add to Favorites…” if you are on Internet Explorer)]

3) Bookmark these exact same links on your other device

The links have a unique ID so you will get different links if you just follow these same steps on your other device. You need to send these same links you see above to your other device.

They also offer you the option to send these links to your email address. This way you can open the email on your phone and bookmark these links on your phone browser.

How To use the KeepItWith.Me Bookmarks:

1) Go to the website you want to send to your smartphone or other computer

2) Click your ‘Send with KeepItWith.Me’ bookmark


3) Now on your other device click the ‘Receive with KeepItWith.Me’ bookmark

That’s it! Now you should be reading your article on your smartphone.

If you lost your links or need to set it up on a new device, KeepItWith.Me gives you and option to send your links to your device via email here as well.

You can also send a web page in the opposite direction (phone to computer) using the same process.

They have created a really nice video to help you understand, how this process works, and how easy it is to set up.

Watch the video to see how this works.

How To Use KeepItWith.Me Service.

Well, that’s about it. No long painful setup process or installing addons or apps on your phones. Just create two sets of bookmarks, which will sync your URLs across any devices.

It really can’t get any easier than this.

Visit KeepItWith.Me to set up your sharing bookmarks now.