Google Drive has been a boon to anyone who works remotely as we’ve discussed before, and now there are a slew of Google Drive extensions designed to improve your functionality and productivity beyond what Google Drive can already do for your work life.

Whether you want to save files directly to Drive in one click or maybe you’d love to create a flowchart that your colleagues can view instantly, our guide will outline the 10 best extensions for Google Drive.

Save to Google Drive

Made by the developers of Google Drive so you know it’s good, “Save to Google Drive” is one of the most useful extensions for this service. What it lets you do is save anything from the web – files from emails, photos from websites and more – directly to your Google Drive account by right-clicking and selecting “Save to Google Drive.” Getting your files where you want without multiple moves has never been easier.


Download Google Drive.


What’s great about the CloudHQ extension is that it gathers all of your cloud-based files from every cloud service you use, notably Dropbox and Evernote, and makes them accessible in Google Drive. For those working with people who use these two non-Drive cloud services, this extension will help you communicate with your co-workers in a more streamlined way.

To utilize CloudHQ, it’s functions are found in the Google Drive interface in the left side-bar.


Download Cloud HQ.

Save to Text Google Drive

If you’re the type of person who saves bulk text from websites, the Save Text to Google Drive extension makes this a blissfully easy thing to do. With this extension, you can save what you want – the text – and none of the extraneous things such as site photos or annoying formatting that can get in the way. And it will automatically send this text to your Google Drive account, helping you work that much quicker.

To access this extension, when you want to save text to Drive click on the icon for “Save Text to Google Drive” in the top right of your browser. After you click, a window will pop us filled with all the text from the site you’re on. Edit this text, then click the “Save” button. It will be automatically saved to Drive.


Download Safe to Text Google Drive.

Google Drive Quick Create

When using Drive, there will be times when you need to quickly create a new Google doc, whether it’s a word processing doc, spreadsheet, presentation or even a drawing. Google Drive Quick Create is an extension that makes it easy to create any Google doc in a matter of seconds. Once it’s installed, you can create a new doc quickly by clicking the icon for the extension in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

Once you click, a drop-down menu will appear where you can choose the type of Google doc you’d like to create. The new doc will open in a separate tab.


Download Google Drive Quick Create.

Drive Notepad

Notepad, the simple text creator/viewer for Windows everyone loves to use, has been replicated for Google Drive in an extension called Drive Notepad. With Drive Notepad, you can both create and read Notepad files right in Google Drive, and these are real-deal Notepad files as well. They can be opened in the Notepad application in Windows or in Drive.

To access Drive Notepad, it’s accessible by clicking on the “Web App” launcher in the top right-hand corner of Chrome, then selecting “Drive Notepad.” A new tab will open displaying a new Notepad file, with a cursor ready and waiting. There will also be a blue drop-down menu button located to the right of the text where you can edit your note.


Download Drive Notepad.

Pixlr Express

If your workday includes doing photo edits and sharing them with colleagues, Pixlr Express is the best Google Drive extension to edit and share photos, and you can edit them right in Drive. To use Pixlr Express, install the extension in an open Chrome browser, then go to Drive. Next, go to a photo on your Drive account, right-click, then select “Open with Pixlr Editor.”  We even included Pixlr Express as one of our favorite ways to edit photos online.


Download Pixlr Express.


Never print a sheet of paper again to send a fax using the HelloFax extension for Drive. This extension makes it a cinch to sign documents and send faxes online, and you can fax any kind of file from your Drive account. To fax a file from Drive using HelloFax, right-click the file then select “Open with HelloFax.” HelloFax will open in a separate tab where you can finishing adding the pertinent details.

HelloFax will also add a folder in your Drive account for inbound and outbound faxes.


Download HelloFax.

Lucidchart: Diagramming

Draw flowcharts easily and quickly in real-time so your co-workers can view them by using the extension Lucidchart: Diagramming. This extension made especially for Drive makes it possible to draw flowcharts, mockups, UML and mind maps in Drive and it includes hundreds of templates.

To use Lucidchart, access it in Drive under the red “Create” button, and select “Lucidchart Diagram.” This extension will open a new chart file in a new tab. All flowcharts you make in Lucidchart will be automatically saved to Drive.


Download Lucidchart: Diagramming.

Gmail Attachments to Drive

There will always be a time when you need to save a Gmail attachment straight to your Drive account, and the Gmail Attachments to Drive extension is just the app for this. To use this extension, when you’re logged into Gmail and are about to save an attachment, you will now see an additional option: “Save to Drive.”


Download Gmail Attachments to Drive.

Magisto for Google Drive

For folks who edit video frequently, the Magisto extension is one if the best video editing extensions available for Drive users. Magisto lets you create professional-looking movies easily by creating the movie for you. All you need to do is supply the title, video, and soundtrack and Magisto will do the rest.


Download Magisto.


As you can see, there are several impressive extensions available for Google Drive. Remember, you can remove any of these extensions under “Settings” in Drive’s web interface. Simply click “Manage Apps” to remove any applications. And if you want to make sure you’re using Google Drive as effectively as possible, check out these awesome tips and tricks.