Previously, we listed 8 of the very best online fax services from across the Internet. As we mentioned in that post, despite the introduction of email communication, faxing is still extremely relevant to industries dealing with documents containing sensitive information. Essentially, fax is considered a legal document because the transaction can be confirmed, whilst this is not the case for standard emails.

We have selected eFax from amongst the eight online fax services listed as the best current option for anybody looking to get started with an online fax service. Providing a fax number on marketing products and websites is a great way to demonstrate the professionalism and flexibility of your business or company.

eFax is able to provide its users with a local or international number from over 4,300 cities, in 49 countries on six continents. You can also keep tabs on your faxes on the move, by sending and receiving your faxes from your computer, mobile or touch device.

How to use eFax

The monthly subscription for eFax’s services comes in at a modest fee of around $12.00. Along with a 30-day free trial, and all of the free extras, the service is great value for money. The extras include PDF converting, email to voicemail, digital signatures, cloud-based storage and more.

To start using eFax, head over to their website and hit the “30-Day Free Trial” button.


You will then have the opportunity to select your location from a variety of 49 countries, followed by selecting the type of number you want. This ranges between local numbers, non-geographic and even toll-free numbers. Once you have specified the type of fax number you want, you can select your very own number from a selection provided by eFax.

Once you are happy with your new fax number, hit “Continue”.


The next step is to type in the email address which you want to act as the inbox for your faxes, along with your first and second name. Once this step has been completed, click “Continue” to proceed.


The final sign up step consists of entering your credit card details. Although the first 30 days of the eFax service is free, your payment details are taken as authentication. If you do not cancel your account before your free 30 days are up, the charges will be taken automatically every month.

Once you have entered your details, click “Continue”.


Now that your sign up is complete, you have the option to add optional features to your eFax account. Simply click the extra features you would like to add and hit “Add To My Account.”

Also, take note of your eFax number and PIN which is shown at the top of your screen, as you will need this to log in to your account.


Once you have added your extra features, you may then scroll down and click “My Account” to log in.


You will then need to type in your eFax number and PIN which were shown on the previous screen, as mentioned above.


When you enter your account, you will see the options to send faxes and view received faxes. To view your fax inbox, click “View Faxes.” Your faxes will also be delivered to the email you typed in during the sign-up process.


Your eFax inbox is able to create folders, address books, and so forth. You can also search, categorize, download move and delete your faxes.


If you selected Send Faxes, a window will pop up allowing you to enter the details of your recipient, a title, and message. Naturally, you may also attach any document to the fax. Once you have completed the fax, you can press “Send Fax” to deliver it.


The good and the bad

With a variety of features and a simple, yet powerful interface, eFax is a great online fax service. To provide a full evaluation of eFax, we’ve listed the pros and cons of this excellent service below.


  • eFax lets you send a huge amount of faxes to email quickly and easily, to anywhere in the world
  • You get your own personal fax number, which can be local, international or toll-free, from across 4,300 cities, in 49 countries on 6 continents
  • A quick, seamless link to your email address means you can check your incoming faxes whilst checking your emails
  • Cloud-based storage saves time, space and money
  • By downloading eFax’s iOS and Android app, you can send, receive and check your faxes wherever you are
  • A dedicated online inbox allows you to categorize, delete and download your incoming faxes
  • Extra features such as PDF conversion and an email to voicemail system are great optional extras
  • The monthly subscription rate is reasonable, considering the diverse number of features offered alongside standard faxing


  • Although you get 30 days free, eFax could certainly do with a more long-term unpaid option. Having to insert card details for the free trial also makes signing up a longer, more unnerving process for somebody looking to test the waters
  • eFax currently allows 150 faxes to be sent and received per month, yet doesn’t offer other plans for companies who may wish to send more than this amount
  • Unlike their popular competitor, HelloFax, eFax does not link to the users Google Account


Without question, eFax is one of the most well designed, cost-effective online fax services currently available. It’s flexibility, simplicity and advanced features allow you to manage, send and receive faxes from your desktop as well as your mobile device.

The service currently serves 11 million subscribers in 46 countries, making it the largest Internet fax service provider in the world. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, flexible online fax service at a reasonable monthly rate, we cannot recommend eFax enough.

Try eFax.