We’ve been fans of voice-activation here at TechNorms for awhile now, and now you can search the internet as you’re typing or doing anything else with your hands with Google Chrome’s latest feature – Google Voice Search. Fans of Siri will find this feature very familiar.

Google Voice Search is available to anyone who visits from their Chrome browser, and it’s much more than a simple voice-activation search tool for the web. From directions and weather with to answering intelligent questions, our guide will outline exactly how to use Google Voice Search.

Open Chrome and go to

Make sure you have a copy of Chrome on your computer, open it up and then visit “” When the page opens, you should see a microphone icon on the right-side of the search field. It will already be there, no installation of any extension is required, and make sure your microphone is turned on. Using your computer’s built-in microphone is okay, but if possible, headsets are preferred.

Once your microphone is ready, you can activate Google Voice Search by clicking the microphone icon.


Using Google Voice Search

After you click the icon, the screen will fade into a new page, with “Speak Now” and a red microphone icon appearing on the screen.


Once you see “Speak Now,” that’s your queue to say whatever you want to search for. What you say will be displayed on the screen before the search results are displayed, and they will appear along with a pulsing red microphone graphic.


Next, your search results will appear, along with a pleasant voice informing you of the results. And the microphone icon will displayed once again in the search field at the top of the page if you want to search directly from your search results page.


And you can use Google Voice Search to bring up directions as well. If, for example, you’d like to know how far a location is from where you are now, you can ask Google Voice Search “How far am I?” from a specific location and it will both display the answer, as well as tell you.


You can also ask Google Voice more in-depth questions that go above and beyond a typical web search. You can ask, “What’s the weather?” and Google will display the weather in your area.


You can also ask game times or the start time of events in town, such as “When do the Minnesota Twins play next?”


And you can ask it more intelligent questions like “Who is Barack Obama?.” Google Voice Search is able to answer most questions by accessing Wikipedia, and will give an audio answer, along with text results.



Google’s integrated voice search is really responsive, and many should find the option to ask Google a slew of questions as their hands are busy a huge boon to their day-to-day computing. It also recognizes 99% of what you say, making it fun to use since the fear of inaccuracy is no longer an issue. And Chrome doesn’t stop here. You can also control the entire Chrome browser with your voice. Check out how it’s done here.