pdf_to_word_converterPDF documents are the most popular format for distribution and sharing of information on the internet. However, PDF files are read-only and cannot be edited unless you have a PDF editor software.

Not everyone owns a PDF editor but most people have Microsoft Office Word on their PC’s and it’s the most common format for document editing.

Boxoft PDF to Word is a freeware that quickly converts any PDF file to MS word (doc) format, and then the documents can be edited easily in Microsoft Word.

It is very efficient in its conversion process and can batch convert a number of PDF files to word in a single go. The conversion is consistent with the original and the formatting is preserved.

How Does PDF to Word Converter Work:

Once you download (link below) and install the Boxoft PDF to Word Convertor, open it to bring up the program interface. [In Windows 7 you would need to run this program as Administrator. To do this, Right click on the program icon and select > Run as Administrator.]

The image below shows the main window of the program. It has a very simple interface and has minimum options which keeps things simple.

Batch Convert Mode – It lets you convert any number of PDF file to word in a single click.

Hot Directory Mode – Lets You set up a Folder which converts PDF files automatically.

Lets look at how this works. To get started, Select the batch convert mode and click on “Next” –


You can add your PDF files here and click on convert button(you can drag and drop files from any folder as well). The converter will work its magic and instantly convert your PDF documents in word format.


Hot Directory Mode Feature:

This is an unique feature of this freeware. It lets you define a specific folder on your computer, called the “Hot Directory”.  Once you setup the hot directory, any PDF file copied into this folder would be instantly converted into Word format.


You can choose the folder which should be the Input Directory where these PDF files would be copied, as well as the output folder where the converted Word documents would be stored.

If you need to keep a log of the conversion activity, you can create a blank notepad file and define its path in the log file path.

Boxoft PDF to Word Converter Features:

  • Batch converts PDF documents to Word files.
  • Adds PDF files by Adding a Directory (Include sub folders) at a time.
  • Drag and Drop to add PDFs.
  • Shows a process record in Log Box.
  • Provides a Hot Directory Mode to auto convert PDFs written in that folder automatically.

We tried converting a few documents with this software and the conversion went smoothly. The overall formatting of the PDF document was conserved quite well.

This software does its job well, and considering it’s a freeware, it works very well indeed.

Download PDF to Word Converter.