PowerInbox has long been known as a fantastic way to interact with social networks from your email. But it can also makes emails from dozens of other widely used sites interactive in your inbox as well.

Whether you want to read/post on Facebook activity directly from the email notification or if you want to see the entire graphic of a coupon in real-time, Flash and all, PowerInbox can make it happen. Simply put – it puts an end to never-ending tabs in your browser.

Setting up PowerInbox

To start using PowerInbox with your emails, you’ll need to integrate the software into your browser. PowerInbox is available for all major browsers. Visit their site here to get a copy. On the site, click the green “Free download” button on the front and center of the page.


Next, click “Add” to add it to your browser.


After you click “Add,” the PowerInbox page will transform into the “What’s next?” page. Here is where you’ll enter the email address you want PowerInbox to start sending interactive emails to, under step “1.


After you enter your email address, PowerInbox will send an email to you right away so you can get a taste of how it works. In the email will be a playable video and basic info about the software.


There will also now be a “powerinbox” logo embedded at the top right of every interactive email you receive from PowerInbox, with a blue “On” icon next to it, letting you know it’s activated.


Using PowerInbox

Once you’ve successfully set-up PowerInbox, you can start viewing emails from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedn, Vsnap, Groupon and Boloco and many other sites it supports in your inbox right away. From movies to music and news, all of this graphic-rich content can now be viewed from your inbox.


To see it in action, open an email sent from any of the aforementioned sites, and the interactive features will now be visible in the body of the email. To use Twitter for example, or any of the sites it supports, signing in is a must.


Once you click to sign in, a window will pop-up asking you to authorize PowerInbox to access the site.


After you sign in, you will now see a yellow bar in the email informing you all emails from this site will now be interactive.


Setting up Facebook in PowerInbox is much the same. Simply open any email sent from Facebook, and look at the bottom of the email for a link to log in using Powerinbox.


After you click “Log In,” click “Okay” to allow PowerInbox to access your profile.


Now when you view an email from Facebook, such as a friend request, all graphics will be displayed.


And to change the settings for PowerInbox, go to “Extensions” and click “Options.”


Here you can create your very own app and view all of the coding of each app available with this service.



You can save loads of time and stay on task much easier with in-email interaction offered by PowerInbox. When you can comment, like, and Pin things directly from your inbox, the draw to go off task is blissfully lessened. If this tends to be you, PowerInbox is a program to definitely consider. And if you’re wanting to add more interactive features to your Gmail inbox, check out this article explaining how to add alarms and to-do alerts.

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