insert_images_in_gmailIf you use Gmail regularly, sometimes you need to insert and send images as a part of the email message body. However, Gmail doesn’t provide a default option to insert images – the only option is to send the image as an attachment.

This isn’t always an ideal way to send images, and many times its preferable to insert them in the message body.

Embedding images in the Email message body is easy, but we need to enable this feature in Gmail via Gmail Labs. Lets see how its done.

How To Embed Images In Gmail Message:

While composing an email in Gmail, we see the Rich Formatting toolbar, which provides us with several options for formatting the email message.


However, there is no option to insert an image. Once the Labs feature is enabled, we will see the “Insert Image” option on this toolbar.

Steps to enable this option:

1) Click the Labs icon alt at the upper right corner of your Gmail Inbox.

2) Now, scroll down and locate the Labs feature labeled – Inserting Images, and click on Enable.


3) Once enabled, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on “Save Changes”. Now your Gmail inbox will reload.

Steps to Insert an Image in message body:

Now its time to verify if the option was enabled and how we can insert the image in the email body.

1) Click on Compose Email button on top left sidebar of your inbox.

2) Look for the “Insert Image” option on the Rich Formatting Toolbar.


Once the labs feature has been enabled, you would see the “Insert Image” icons in the toolbar.

3) Click on the option and Gmail now lets you insert the image from your computer or from a URL.


Choose the file and click “ok”. The image will be uploaded and inserted in your email.

4) Resize the image to a desired size, complete you message and Send.


Well, that’s it. You can now insert images in your Gmail message and don’t need to send them as an attachment , which is prefect for sending greeting cards or invitations.

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