The adoption of two-step verification for high-profile web services and accounts is a way to protect your information from harm. Depending on the service, enabling two-step verification is the way to go. You can enable two-step verification for your Microsoft Account and give yourself the peace of mind in protecting the data stored when you log in and out.

How to enable two-step verification for your Microsoft Account

Head over to your Microsoft Account Portal and login.


Once logged in, click on “Security Info” in the left hand menu.


In order to access this area, you’ll need to let Microsoft send you a verification code either through your phone or associated e-mail account.


When you verify your identity, click on “Set up two-step verification” to begin the process.


Then, click “Next.”


You’ll need at least one other way to contact yourself, make sure to add a secondary e-mail address and then click “Next.”


Microsoft will send another verification code. Enter it in and click “Next” once more.


Two-step verification is now enabled for your Microsoft Account. You’ll be asked for a security code each time you login to your Microsoft Account. Without that code, you won’t be able to access to your account.

Does your Microsoft Account need two-step verification?

Nowadays, you can never be too safe online. Even with a strong, secure password, brute force can be used to crack it. By enabling two-step verification, like Twitter and Apple have implemented, you add an extra level of much-needed security for using the Web. Since Microsoft now hosts your Windows 8 apps, settings and more online, why wouldn’t you want to enable two-step verification for your Microsoft Account?