Cookies can be both wonderful and annoying things. Sometimes it is extremely useful to have a website track your movements and information making browsing easier and signing in and out of services much faster.

However, too often we find that cookies from certain websites can be intrusive and unhelpful, but keeping tabs on them all can be a long, dire task.

Firefox users now have a solution to both manage and auto delete cookies via Self-Destruct Cookies. this extension allows you to individually select which websites are allowed to use cookies, and which ones are not. After installation, all cookies from all websites will be automatically deleted upon closing the tab or window, unless otherwise specified.

How to use Self-Destruct Cookies

To get started with Self-Destruct Cookies, head over to their official Firefox extension page and install it. Once successfully installed, a small red icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your Firefox browser. Clicking this icon will reveal a menu.

By default, the extension will set all cookies to self-destruct upon your departure from a website. However, to gain more control over particular websites, simply visit the website in question, and click the Self-Destruct Cookies icon. You may then choose from a range of options, each allowing you to customize the extensions behaviour in relation to the current website being viewed.

If you want to delve deeper into the settings of the extension, you can do so by visiting Firefox’s add-on settings.

Self-Destruct Cookies allows you to customize the “Grace Period”, which is the window of time between you leaving a website, and the cookies being deleted. This feature is accompanied by a host of others, including notifications, local storage, and so on.


Additionally, the extension allows you to set cache clearing automations, configure 3rd party tracking, and so on.


The good and the bad

Self-Destruct Cookies is an incredibly simple, yet extremely powerful cookie managing extension which Firefox users can take great benefit from. To fully evaluate this extension, we have listed its pros and cons below.


  • Self-Destruct Cookies can be installed quickly and easily
  • Typically, you do not need to tinker with the extension’s settings, as it is already configured to a standard which is easy to use and understand
  • The icon and menu are both easy to see, yet unobtrusive
  • Extended options allow you to customize the time limits relating to cookie destruction, site specific instructions, and so forth


  • Self-Destruct Cookies deletes all of your browsers current cookies upon installation, which can be a pain, since the extension installation page makes no mention that such a step will be taken. The process to regain your past cookies is also a bit of a long process
  • Most people need some guidance when it comes to identifying websites with cookies that need blocking, and the importance of maintaining the life of other more important cookies. Self-Destruct Cookies provides no such guidance


Essentially, Self-Destruct Cookies is the Firefox equivalent to Google Chrome’s Vanilla Cookie Manager. By setting cookies to self-destruct, websites will only be permitted to identify you while you actually use them and can not stalk you across the entire web. This is the closest you will get to cookieless browsing without breaking the terms and conditions of numerous websites, or tedious micromanaging. Although it has a minor drawback within its installation process, the unique benefits are too good to ignore.

If you’re looking to effectively manage your cookies without too much effort, Self-Destruct Cookies is certainly worth trying out.

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