wonderpage_cisual_bookmarkingRecently we compiled a list of  best browser startpages which comprised of websites and online services that offer a large variety of options and features depending upon what a specific user needs.

Some work well for the privacy conscious user, where as others help the user keep a tab on all his online needs from a  single location.

Wonderpage is a new service, which aims to bring social networking to the realm of startpages. It is essentially an online visual & social bookmarking tool, which lets you organize your content in categories then share it, or keep it to yourself.

Keeping the Web 2.0 factor in mind it’s design is visually pleasing, unlike a lot other startpages that have cropped up in the recent times.

Lets look at some of its features.

Wonderpage.com – One Page To Rule Them All:

The above heading is something we borrowed from the website itself – that’s how they describe the service – It’s one page that rules them all and in a way they are right.

Wonderpage makes managing bookmarks quite easy as it lets you categorize them in different folders. There is no limit to the number of folder you can create. The folders are shown on the left sidebar and you can switch among them to access the bookmarks from a specific topic.


These bookmarks can be dragged and dropped around to get the required sequence.

When you sign up for the service they also give you an option to select a few few “packs” from categories like Technology, Social, Motoring etc. and each pack has 4-5 bookmarks for the most famous sites on the respective topic.


Since it is a visual bookmarking service you can see the thumbnail of all the bookmarks. You can adjust the size of the thumbnail or completely remove them, in which case it only shows the bookmark links.


Privacy Feature – Private or Public bookmarks option:

You can choose to keep all your bookmarks private or make them public. There is an option to keep some private and other public as well.


This way you can share some stuff and keep other bookmarks just to yourself. This is quite useful if you want to establish a social presence on the service.

The Visual Bookmarking Done Right:

One of the best things about Wonderpage is the fact that you will have the chance to refresh the thumbnails anytime you need.


This is convenient since, you do not need to bookmark the site again, just to keep up with its latest looks.

Overall, the bookmarks management in Wonderpage is very easy. Adding or removing a bookmark or folder can be done in a single click. The service is visually pleasing, which is a definite plus, since we have seen a lot of similar services, that were extremely poor in the design aspect.

Although some browsers (like Chrome and upcoming Firefox 4.0) provide an option to sync bookmarks  between computers, the site has an advantage since you can use it from any browser, anywhere.

Visit Wonderpage.

  • There are chrome and firefox extensions available also for easier bookmarking.

    • Yes there are. I mentioned at the end of the post, that Chrome or Firefox provide great options for bookmarking as well as syncing. But this is more suited for guys who tend to used different computers with different browsers.

      Since all your bookmarks are centrally located on this website, you can access them, say, even from Internet Explorer or an Internet cafe.

      This is just one option, among many others – It’s up to the user to choose which option suits them best. Thanks for the input though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wonderpage is wonderful.
    The only one thing that stops me from using it – is lack of importing options.
    I would better kill myself thane import manually more than 1500 bookmarks.

    Or there is such an option, but I couldn’t find it?!

    • I understand. Importing 1500 bookmarks, for that matter even 100 bookmarks manually will be a really tedious process. And Yes, Wonderpage doesn’t have a Import option, unfortunately.

      However, the good things is they are very new and in beta right now and they are implementing new features based on user feedback. I am sure, once requested, they will try to incorporate the import feature soon – and it’s really something all bookmarking sites should provide.

      I have a hunch, they might add it sooner than later.

    • Oh, by the way, I talked to the guys at Wonderpage and they told me that a new feature for importing bookmarks from external services like Delicious or browser based bookmarks will be added in the coming week.

      I guess, that its a great move on their part, and you can now import your bookmarks into this service.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, Thx Viki.
        I talked to the guys too. Their response came really quick.
        They said they’re launching delicious importer this week, and by the end of next week we should have html/xml importer ready as well.
        So yes, confirmed.

        Nothing else than just wait.
        I love that service. Really nice.

        Thx for the review BTW.

        • You’re welcome, and it’s always good to write informative posts about different useful services for our blog readers. 🙂