We’re big fans of WinAero here at TechNorms. Their easy to use, creative utilities for Windows have been increasing functionality and adding much-needed features to the OS for years. Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8 is another amazingly simplistic Windows 8 tool that lets you change the look and feel of the lock screen.

How to get started with Lock Screen Customizer in Windows 8

Head to WinAero’s web site and download the Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8.

Lock Screen Customizer comes with a x64 and x86 version for Windows. Unzip the archive you downloaded and choose the right version for your PC.


Move the files into a folder somewhere you’ll have access to easily. You can even pin the Lock Screen Customizer EXE to the Start screen in Windows 8 for quicker access.

Now, run Lock Screen Customizer.

Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8 lets you do the following to your lock screen:

  • Change the background image
  • Use a slideshow as your background image
  • Change the lock screen color set
  • Change the date format and language
  • Change logon behavior
  • Disable the lock screen

How to use Lock Screen Customizer


Clicking “Change Image…” will allow you to change the background image to anything you see fit. Lock Screen Customizer will stretch whatever image you use, so you want to ensure it’s appropriately sized for optimal look.

You can change the image back to the default one by clicking “Use Default Image” at any time.

One of the nifty features of Lock Screen Customizer is the ability to create a slideshow for your lock screen.

Click “Lock Screen Slideshow…” to get started.


Click “Enable this feature” to turn it on. Then, select the folders of images you want included in the slideshow. Make sure to click “Enable this feature for the default Lock screen” to turn it on.

You can change the time format and time language as you see fit, too.

You can also change the logon behavior by clicking “Logon Behavior….”


Lock Screen Customizer lets you disable the lock screen completely, as well as turn on a mode verbose mode.

Check out this video from WinAero to see the verbose mode lock screen in action:

When you’ve customized your lock screen, click “Apply customizations to the default Lock Screen.”


This will save your changes and enable your new lock screen.


Why would you customize your Windows 8 lock screen?

Windows 8 doesn’t give users much control over how the OS looks. This has always been the case when it comes to Windows. WinAero has been an amazing resource to users who want to do more with Windows, and the Windows 8 Lock Screen Customizer is just one more way they’re helping us do that.

Download Lock Screen Customizer