We’ve covered a number of Windows registry tweaks in the past and all of them, if done manually, require access to particular keys. Normally, opening Windows Registry Editor and expanding each sub-folder was necessary to reach a certain destination.

Registry Key Jumper successfully speeds this process up by the use of a simple shortcut key. Highlight a key from anywhere, even in a paragraph contained with other jumbled text, and this portable program will detect the string and open it in the desired registry editor. This speeds up registry tweaking significantly.

How to use Registry Key Jumper

Download from here and extract to a folder. Run the regular “RegJump” file or “RegJump_x64” for a 64-bit OS.

When we explained how to remove the arrow icon from shortcuts, we had to manually navigate to the required key in the Registry Editor. With Registry Key Jumper running, just highlight the following and press “Ctrl+Alt+X” on the keyboard:


The correct folder structure will display, expanding in all the necessary areas as needed. There is no need to select just the registry path; highlight any text around the area as long as the path is included.

If you’ve downloaded and installed the software, try it now by entering “Ctrl+A” to select all the text on this page and enter the shortcut key. It is imperative for the program to be running. Exiting will minimize it to the taskbar.

Manage Custom Options

We can customize the shortcut keys, among other things, from the “Settings > Options” menu item.


A huge selection is available from the “Hotkey” section. Choose something that’s easy to remember. This will make opening the registry keys to our posts even faster.


Also available from this options window is the ability to change the registry program that’s being used. By default, the “regedit.exe” program installed in Windows is used but if you use another program, just point this executable to its appropriate install location.

Manage Favorite Keys

On the main screen is a list of favorites. These are for common keys you find yourself opening often but always having to enter them or highlight them manually.

Select a favorite and right-click, “Jump Key” to open it or press “Ctrl+J.” This opens it the same way highlighting does but doesn’t require the text to be selected.


Also open favorites from the notification area, where the RegJump icon resides.


Make a new favorite from the “List > Add New Key” menu selection. Focus will be placed on the text area to the bottom of the window. Enter a name and the location here. Also select a number to the left for the position this favorite will rest among the others from the list.


Select a favorite key and choose “List > Create Desktop Shortcuts” to make a shortcut to this exact key right on the Desktop. The target of a Desktop shortcut is simply the location of the RegJump executable and then the full key location directly following it, so you could actually make these shortcuts without even using the program menu.

A real quick way to make a favorite is to copy the desired key and then do a “Ctrl+V” on the main window. The name will auto-populate and store it as a favorite.

“List > Get Current Key” will take take the current location in the registry program and enter it as a favorite.


Note that the registry program needs to be open for this to work.

Final thoughts

All of our future registry tweaks will surely let you follow along even faster if you have Registry Key Jumper installed. Even if you aren’t using it for favorite keys, the shortcut combination is a priceless feature. Try it out in Windows 8 here.

Download Registry Key Jumper