The iPhone and iPad have become important tools for most professional and amateur photographers. Maybe you need to calculate exposure times, check what time the sun rises, or just edit and share your photos, iOS has options for everyone.

Here are the best apps for more serious photographers, whether you’re still learning or a pro.

Long Exposure Calculator


Long exposure photographs can look amazing. You can smooth out water, show movement in the clouds or even show star trails.

To create these photos you need to use neutral density filters, sometimes up to 10 stops or more and long exposure times. And calculating the exposure times can be tricky, especially since you’ll need to be in manual mode.

If you want to take a 10-minute exposure you’ll waste a lot of time guessing. And LExp takes the guesswork out of calculating your exposure. Leaving you with perfectly exposed photos more often.

LExp is $3.99.

Download LExp

Depth of Field Calculator


If you’re still learning the ins and outs of photography but want to progress beyond the beginner stages then you’ll need to understand the depth of field and how it affects your images.

Getting out of auto mode is the first step in a steep learning curve, but by using this depth of field calculator you’ll be creating great photos in no time.

f/8 will calculate a depth of field and hyperfocal distance quickly, and you’ll understand how aperture controls a depth of field. After using this app for a while you’ll be able to start seeing how images will look with different camera settings. It’s a great way to shorten that learning curve.

f/8 is $3.99.

Download f/8

The Photographer’s Ephemeris


Before you go out and take your beautiful landscape photos you need to know when is the best time to shoot. The best light is generally an hour before and after sunrise and sunset.

By using The Photographer’s Ephemeris you can see the best times for shooting, and which direction the sun will be at any time. And you can do it for remote locations while sitting on your couch.

It’s a must have for any outdoor photographers.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is $8.99.

Download The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Triggertrap Remote Shutter Release

triggertrap shutter release

Having a remote shutter release cable is a vital tool for landscape photographers or anyone who takes long exposures with a tripod. Being able to release your shutter remotely stops camera shake and keeps your photos sharp at slow shutter speeds.

Triggertrap is the best remote shutter release app as it includes 12 different triggering modes. Including time-lapse and star trail modes.

The Triggertrap app is free, but you need to buy a separate dongle for around $30.

Download the app. Get the dongle.

Adobe Photoshop Touch


Adobe Photoshop Touch is the best and most complete photo editor for your iPhone or iPad. It features advanced tools normally found on desktop programs such as cloning, using layers, and advanced selections.

If you need to do more than just add filters, which is what most image editing apps are offering, then Photoshop Touch is for you.

Adobe Photoshop Touch is $9.99.

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch

Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes


Scott Kelby is a well-known studio photographer, and in this app, he walks you through 13 lighting setups. Each setup comes with lighting diagrams and the finished shots.

For anyone learning the art of studio photography, this is a must-have app.

Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes is free.

Download Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes

Easy Release


If you take photos of people and models then you’ll want to need a model release. With a model release, you’ll be able to make money from your portrait photography without getting sued.

And instead of carrying paper base model release forms around with you, you get it all done on your iPhone or iPad. Contracts come in 17 languages, models sign using their finger or stylus on the touchscreen, and you can include a photo of the model in the release form.

Forms are then emailed to you in PDF or JPG format.

Easy Release is $9.99.

Download Easy Release.

CamRanger Tethering


Tethering your DSLR is an important aspect of studio photography. Cameras are normally tethered to a large monitor via a computer. This lets you see the photo in great detail and make better decisions on focus points and lighting rather than looking at your camera’s LCD screen.

And now you can tether to your iPad or iPhone for greater portability.

CamRanger is the best tethering application for your Canon or Nikon DSLR but it is expensive. CamRanger is a device that connects to your camera via USB, and then creates an ad-hoc wireless network that your iPad or iPhone can connect to.

Once connected you can perform a number of important tasks such as magnifying the live view to check focus, adjust or change focus points, and perform focus stacking. Plus many other great features.

CamRanger is $299.

Get CamRanger


Some of these apps are quite expensive, but they’re all the best in their class at what they do. If you want to progress in your photography you won’t need all of these apps, but most of them should be very helpful.