imendi_logoWe have previously written about Lingt, which is a website started by students of MIT, that helps you learn Chinese language online. Today we look at Imendi, another language learning resource, which helps you learn other languages like Spanish, Portuguese and Czech online.

Compared to what Lingt did, Imendi, has a more basic approach. It is aimed mainly at people who are beginners and would like to start with the basics of learning a new language.

Imendi has more of focus on learning new words from Spanish, Portuguese and Czech. We worked with it and the user interface is simple to use and the lessons are quite easy to follow. This website is quite new, but promises to be a good resource as the developers build it further. Lets look at its current features.

Imendi – A Look At The Features & Teaching Approach:

When you visit the site, you would notice that they get straight to business. No sales pitches or pricing models or anything as of now.

It seems the site has been designed to  be a simple and helpful resource for people who want to learn the basics of new language. However, if it takes off well, chances are good that the developers may introduce paid and free models.

Imendi Home Page

Getting started with learning new words is easy. You choose a language you want to learn and either go for the option for learning the words of that language or try out the lessons.

Language Combination Approach:

At bottom of the screen, you have the option to learn new words in combination with language of your choice. When you select this “Language Combination” option, you would see the screen below.


Since I only know English, and wanted to learn Spanish words I went with an English – Spanish combination.

In the test you have to match the English words on the left side with the Spanish words which are listed above. Just drag and drop the Spanish words in the column you think is the right answer – next to the English words.


Click on Evaluate and you will get the test results.


Well, I was surprised too, that I got all of them correct. Seems like watching all those Zorro and Desperado movies has finally paid off. Smile

Statistics for Usage:


The service shares the daily usage as well as the stats about the various tests being taken via a link at bottom of the page named “Statistics”.

This is a good approach as this can further lead to the development of a community, where people can interact with other guys who are interested in learning the same language.

Current Limitations and Planned Features:

There isn’t any option to sign up with the service. Generally language resource sites like these provide an account for its users to keep track of their progress. Upon checking further, I found out that this feature is currently being developed and the developer is currently testing it.

The next step in developing better tool for learning foreign languages is creation of feedback module, which will measure users progress in learning and will propose custom study plans using algorithms.

This feature is in early alpha stage and it is available for selected users only. If you are keen to join in and test out this feature – you can get early access on this page. Update: The service is now live and anyone can use it.

For a new site, being developed by a single developer, this is excellent work. The approach is correct and the lessons seem to be quite easy to understand for beginners. In the future, as the site develops, I am looking forward to a  gradual increase in difficulty level and a way to track ones progress in learning a new language.

If you are interested in learning Spanish, Portuguese or Czech language you should give it a shot.

Visit Imendi.