Pop-up ads may seem like a fact of online life. And despite everybody loathing them, sites still use them. And if you’re a Firefox-user especially, you may have noticed blocking these pop-ups is notably tricky.

The main annoyance – despite following through with recommended blocking practices, pops-ups can still get through in Firefox. No one wants to see pop up ads, whether they’re in their inboxes or on their favorite sites. They can clutter your screen, and worse – they’ll track your online movement or even install virus-laden “software” onto your computer.

Thankfully however, snipping these “break-through” pop-up ads in the butt in possible. All it takes are a couple of easy tweaks. Our guide will outline how to put an end to pop-up ads in Firefox for good.

Stop pop up ads in “Options”

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you’ve adjusted Firefox’s settings to block all pop-ups. To do this, go to the main menu for Firefox in the top-left corner of your browser, then select “Options.”


After you select Options, the Options window will appear on your screen, and at the top of this window, click the “Content” tab to access Firefox’s pop-up blocker.


When this tab loads, you’ll see several options with checkmark boxes next to them. Make sure the “Block pop-up windows” box is checked.


After you check the box, click the “Exceptions” button to the far right to add websites you don’t mind receiving pop-up ads from. This is a smart to customize if you know pop-up ads from sites you visit often may be something you want to still see.


When you click “Exceptions,” a small window will appear where you can add “allowed sites.” Simply enter the URL in the “Address of website” field, then click “Allow.”


Blocking “break-through” pop-up ads

If after you’ve selected the “No pop-ups allowed” button in Firefox, you may still see the occasional pop-up ad, and this is because Firefox doesn’t block every single pop-up ad when you select this. It will still allow pop-up ads when any “in-browser events” occur. These include “change,” “click,” “dblclick,” “mouseup,” “reset,” “submit” and “touchend.”

To disable pop-up that appear when any of these events occur, go to the address bar and type “about:config.”


After you enter this, hit “Enter,” then click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” prompt on your screen.


After you click, a long list of “Preferences” will load, and at the top of this page is a search field. Type the following preference into the search field, “dom.popup_allowed_events


This particular preference, which controls when pop-ups tied to certain events appear, should be at the top of the list as you enter the preference. Once it appears, double-click anywhere on it to adjust the settings.


When you double-click it, a small dialog box titled, “Enter string value,” will appear. Delete which events you’d like to omit, then click “Ok.”


And no restarting of Firefox is required when you’re finished here. The pop-up ad changes will begin to work automatically.


This is without question one of the most thorough methods to eliminate pop-ups for good in Firefox. With pop-up ads bound to appear at some point while you’re surfing the web, you’ll be glad you took the time to permanently block them. And if you’re looking for more ways not to get distracted in Firefox, check out Reader, a great app that offers distraction-free reading.