dropbox logoDropbox is an awesome service to sync your files across computers and cell phones. When you start with Dropbox, they give you 2 GB free space to use for file storage and syncing. It also lets users increase the amount of space, by referring friends to use this service.

Recently they started a cool new promotion called Dropquest that lets you earn 1GB extra space for life.

It is a multi-step scavenger hunt that will test your wits and knowledge. Expect to hop around the Dropbox site and the internet to find answers to easy and not-so-easy puzzles.

Get Your Extra 1GB Space Now With Dropquest:

This promotion started on 15th Jan and is available for a period of 2 weeks, so hurry up and get your free space now. You can start your quest here. (Dropquest is now over)

Dropbox Dropquest Promotions

Just go through the quest step by step – by the end of the quest you would have earned a cool 1GB free space for your Dropbox account. Each time you complete a step – you will be notified about the increase in space.

dropbox space increased

There are also some additional epic prizes depending on how fast you finish!

  • Platinum (1): Dropbox hoodie, LIMITED EDITION Dropbox Hack Week t-shirt, signed Dropbox drawing by Jon, 50 GB for life!
  • Gold (10): (10) Dropbox hoodie, 10 GB for life!
  • Silver (20): Dropbox t-shirt, 5 GB for life!
  • Bronze (50): 2 GB for life!
  • 1 GB Free space is awarded to everyone who completes the quest.

Walkthrough For The Dropquest:

Feeling lazy? Don’t want to strain your mind over puzzles but still want the 1 GB Space? You are in luck.

A guy called Erroneus has written a complete walkthrough which will guide you through completing the quest as soon as possible. You can check the guide here.

Go to Dropquest 2011 (Dropquest is now over)

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