Data Security and file encryption is a high priority for a lot of people today.  However most of the software available for data security, password protection and encryption is expensive and at times complicated. The All File Locker Pro is small utility that would take care of this issue for you. Its it free, small in size and very easy to use.

Once you lock a specific file the original file can be deleted and the new locked file will have small lock symbol on it, indicating that its been locked.

Locking and Encrypting Files with All File Locker:

All File Locker Pro gives a couple of standard options for you to lock and protect your files. Once you select the file you want to lock, you can either Lock the file with a Key File or a simple password as shown below. Its similar to KeepPass Password Protect which Encrypts and protects your passwords.

All File Locker Pro Main WIndow

A key file is nothing special. It can be a text file or a picture file. Since you are the only one who knows which file you used to lock the target file, you are the only one who can use that specific file and open the protected file.

Options in All File Locker Pro:

ALF Pro gives a couple of options for security of the locked files.

1) Encrypt Options – You can either choose to encrypt the files you are locking or just password protect them.

2) What to do with the Locked Files – Keep the original or delete it and just keep the locked file.

All File Locker Pro Options

All locked files have a small lock symbol on them and they cant be opened until either the key file or the password is provided. When you try to open a locked file, you would get a popup that asks you to input the password.

Popup that comes before opening a Locked File

Once you input the password, files open without any glitch. I have tested this program with Text, Doc, Picture and Video files (avi). All worked seamlessly. If you want to retrieve the original file. you need to use the save option and save the original file at any desired location.

All File Locker Pro attaches itself with the locked file, hence every file locked will have an extra 1 MB size. It may seem much on text files, but the advantage is that you can carry these files anywhere and AFL would be there to open the locked files. You don’t need AFL on other systems. So I think its a much better approach.

So what do you think about this app? Useful, something you would use? Let us know your thoughts.

Download All File Locker Pro.