No one enjoys the time-consuming process of installing lots of applications after a fresh OS install.

On the Windows platform, you can use Ninite to automate the process and save time. But what about Mac users?

I’m a huge fan of automating tasks as much as possible. And now Mac users can use a web service called Get Mac Apps to automate the installation of common apps.

Get Mac Apps will let you choose from a list of popular applications and will install them for you with a single command.

If only I’d known about this service a few days earlier when I had to reinstall OS X. It would have saved me many hours of getting my Mac back to how I like it.

But enough about my problems, let’s take a closer look at Get Mac Apps.

Pick your apps

The Get Mac Apps service is very simple to use. It’s so easy it claims that even your mom can use it. Though knowing my mom, I’m not sure that’s a smart claim.

To choose the apps you want to install, scroll down the page and tick what you need.


The apps a divided into functionality. There are apps for:

  • Browsing
  • Productivity
  • Messaging
  • Media handling
  • File transfers
  • Development
  • Utilities

Most of the apps listed are free, but there are some premium apps that will require a purchase once the trial period has finished.

Once you have chosen the apps you want to install, click the large “Install These” button at the bottom of the list.


I’ve chosen to install Sublime Text 2, flux, Grand Perspective and Coconut Battery.


Get the code and install

After you click the install button Get Mac Apps will generate a line of code.


You need to copy the code to your clipboard by highlighting it and press “cmd-c.”


Then you need to open Terminal. It’s located under the Utility folder inside Applications. Or you can press “cmd-space” to open Spotlight and then type “Terminal.”


Paste in the code you copied and press enter.


The applications will start installing. You can watch the progress in the Terminal window. Once the apps have finished installing, you can quit Terminal, and you’re done.


Get Mac Apps is a useful and time-saving way to install popular apps on your Mac. It’s very easy to use and gets the job done.

Although simplicity is its strength, the service could be improved with some extra features. Basic descriptions for each app would be useful. This could be done with a more info link and way to indicate if software is free or a trial version would also be great.

But if you already know what the apps do, then it won’t be a problem.

Use Get Mac Apps