Have you ever had to share a multiple page document in Google Docs? Or a slideshow in Google Presentation?

Did you know that instead of linking to the entire document, you can link to a specific page, paragraph or slide?

Google Docs is an awesome service and working with large documents is a breeze. Now you don’t have to say:

Scroll to page 14 and paragraph 3, tell me what you think.

Just send them a link to the exact place. And it’s easy to do, here’s how.

Add a link to a paragraph

Open your document and scroll to the page and paragraph you want to link to.


Place you cursor in the spot where you want to link to and go to the “Insert” menu and select “Bookmark.”


A small blue bookmark icon will be added. To create the link, hover your mouse over the bookmark icon and select “Link.”


When you click on “Link,” the URL for your document will change. The end of the URL will contain “#bookmark” plus a location ID.

Copy the entire URL and share it. Whoever opens it will be taken directly to the paragraph you bookmarked.

Since the URL is long and ugly, I suggest running it through a URL shortening service so it’s a bit easier to read.

Add a link to a slide

Linking to a slide in a Google Presentation is even easier than linking to a paragraph in a document. The important thing to remember is that a presentation must be set to public if you want to share a slide.

Here’s a public presentation I found on Chicago Public School. Riveting stuff!


Now just navigate to the slide you want to share and copy the URL. There’s no need to insert a marker or anything. The URL is different for each slide.


Then just copy the URL and share it. Again, run it through a link shortening service for legibility.


Linking to specific paragraph or slides in Google Docs is easy. And will be very useful for anyone who works with large documents.

Don’t make your friends scroll through pages of boring text again!

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