Security is a major concern with almost all aspects of everyday life. We all have usernames and password for various account accesses, credentials for our computers, and even use features like password protection when we archive objects. It’s nice to have a dedicated service for strong encryption, which is what Silver Key is used for.

Use Silver Key to create parcels that are password-protected from launch and sealed in a shroud of AES, 256-bit encryption. Make self-extracting executables for easy decrypting without the need for the software on a receiving computer.

Let’s take a look at how to encrypt files and folders with Silver Key.

Encrypt Files and Folders With Silver Key

We will first go over using Silver Key with the wizard to get a feel for what is happening in the background before we show you how to use Windows Explorer for easy encryption/decryption. Both sets of instructions result in the same ending but this way you can choose how you want to use Silver Key.

Running the Setup

Download Silver Key Free Edition here to run the installer. Press “Next” on the first screen to open the setup wizard.


The wizard is the most used portion of Silver Key, so select “Open Silver Key Wizard” on a double-click action.

Encrypt Files/Folders Using the Wizard

There are two ways to use Silver Key and one is with the actual wizard window open and other is via the right-click context menu.

If the above setup was done in the manner we’ve explained, the next step would be to click the Silver Key shortcut from the Desktop. Please make sure the first option is selected before continuing as shown in the snapshot below.


The easiest way for a receiver of an encrypted file to view its contents is to make extracting simple. Select the box to make an EXE parcel and browse to the location where you want it to be saved.


The next screen specifies the folders and/or files to be used for encrypting. This window supports multiple selections both with “Ctrl” and click+drag highlighting. Toggle hidden and system file views from the top right menu button.


With the folders and files added, optionally specify a text file to be used as a Read Me file or other identifiable markers that doesn’t need to be decrypted and a user can refer to it if needed.


If these are important files that shouldn’t be seen by anyone else, shred the source files with settings from the next window. This is disabled by default.


Click “Finish” to be prompted to enter a password. To ensure it’s something you really want to use, press the “Re-enter” button to type it once more before pressing “OK.”


Depending on the amount of objects to be encrypted, a progress bar will show to indicate the time left.


Decrypt Files/Folders Using the Wizard

Open Silver Key and select “Decrypt contents of Silver Key parcel.”


Browse for an encrypted file and press “Finish.”


An integrity check against the parcel will now run.


The final step is to enter the required password.


One more tamper check will run against the file before finally asking where the decrypted content should be deposited.


Use Windows Explorer to Run Silver Key

During the setup, we chose right-click commands to be enabled. These are present for both encrypting and decrypting parcels.

Right-click a parcel to enable the option for decryption.


Right-clicking files and folders are and easy way to create parcels from the context menu.



  • Easily decrypt from the right-click menu
  • Receivers don’t need the software to decrypt the executable
  • Add files for a new parcel with ease from the context menu


  • Decrypting can take a while if there are lots of files/folders
  • Entering the password is not masked like most other similar programs

Silver Key Portable Version

Silver Key does just as expected with an encryption application and it’s very simple to install and use. Consider ensuring no one is watching when a password is entered, though, as encryption is useless if someone is watching you use this program.

Use Silver Key anywhere with a portable version available from their download page.

Download Silver Key Free.