Drivers are a way for software to recognize and communicate with hardware. Without proper drivers, many hardware pieces will not know how to operate with their software counterpart. Windows can oftentimes download general drivers but these aren’t want most of us are looking for when it comes to video cards, for example, that require advanced features. We’ve already covered software like SlimDrivers for auto-updates or LISTSP for viewing driver information but Driver Booster from IObit is a great solution for updating and viewing drivers of all sorts.

Why Driver Booster?

I’ve always been the one to update drivers for people I know but have never found the right program to do so.  Many are wrecked full of malware, require features to be purchased, or are simply unaware of what versions current drivers are actually operating at. Needless to say, I’ve had a fair share of faulty installs when it comes to updating drivers.

Driver booster is clean, simple, and effective. Simply let it run automatically to very quickly find outdated drivers. View a little information about the download version compared to the currently installed driver and update it with a click of a button.

Update drivers with Driver Booster

Download Driver Booster Free from IObit. After install and on the first startup page, an automatic scan for outdated drivers will run, displaying a list of every driver Driver Booster has found that needs an update. The “Device” column very plainly states what the hardware is while the “Status” indicates how old the currently installed version compares to the available update.


View additional information about the current version and release date compared with its update from the “More info” column. We can see from the below example that the installed version is around three years old, so we’ll be sure to update this driver.


Update any individual driver with the corresponding “Update” button to the right or choose the large “Update All” button for simultaneous downloads.

The process of default update actions will be to download the driver(s), create a restore point, and then do the install.


Note that while the downloads and restore points are done automatically in the background, the installs for each driver must be done manually. This is because Driver Booster is simply running the downloaded install file, letting us then follow through with setup.


Some updates will require a reboot, which Driver Booster will mention at the top of the screen. Click the button next to the message to do so.


Change some default settings through the “Settings” menu next to the exit button.


Choose how often Driver Booster should check for driver updates from the “Scan” section and tweak what occurs when you download drivers from the “Drivers” tab. It’s here you can disable automatic creations of restore points.


Updating drivers are important and usually overlooked by most people. Get the correct notifications for when you should update them without having to do anything but install Driver Booster.

Download Driver Booster